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Featured Project

Chitti challenge

The Chitti Challenge was a contest conducted by Kidobotikz where students made their own versions of the Chitti Quizbot and submitted them.

Other Interesting Projects

A Robotic Christmas

A christmas tree with LEDs programmed to glow in different colours and a robot that picks the decoratives and garnishes the tree.

Robot celebrating diwali

Celebrating Diwali by letting a robot hold the crackers and playing it safe was a very clever idea - Kudos to the creator.

Noah’s Ark

Built using motors and sensors, the Ark shows the opening and closing of its gate and mimics the moves of noah’s ark.

Home Decor

The robot uses IR remote control to turn the motor which spin to the ganesh doll according to the keys pressed.


This is a Biped robot. Using a complement of servo motors and ultrasonic sensors,
it can walk.

Dancing Ganesha

An impressive display to adorn the living room. The project uses innovative circuits and sensors for various lighting effects.

Drum Robot

Using the recyclable materials, microcontroller and programming, the robot has been made to spin and display various movements.

Display of Potter’s Work

The project shows the rotation of un-moulded clay on the potter’s wheel. The LEDs gives the lighting effects, depicting the scene.

Swing for Idol

The project uses B.O motors, and an arduino board to emulate the traditional swing on which the deity at Tirupati is customarily.

Robo Racer

Using best in class componets this all terrain racing robot is designed to win all the tracks and hearts by its moves.


Designed to serve as a medical check-up machine this robot is equipped with various sensors and display units.

Robo Tricycle

Using sensors and motors, this innovative cycle shows the creativity of the student. It is controlled using various switches.

Secured Parking System

Using light sensor concept, this system makes the parking space secure and alerts in case of any unauthorised movement of the car.

Door Open Indication

As a real time application of concepts, the student has used various components and designed this smart door indication system.

Interactive Garage

Creating a model of a house, the student has beautifully shown the working of an interactive garage system and home.

Smart home

Making use of sensors and other devices the student has completely demonstrated the concepts and applied it by creating a house model.

Simple Circuit Display

This project showcases the basic electronic circuity of a home automation systems which includes a couple of sensors, switches and motor.

Little Robotic Cleaner

This robot can certainly get your floor
clean using the Bluetooth controlled
robot attached with a sweeper and a simple mop.

Automated Home

Creating a model of a house, the student has beautifully shown the working of automated house.