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Unity Authorised Course
1. Warranty not applicable for Oculus Go VR Headset as it is an imported product
2.Your PC/Laptop should meet the minimum system requirements for VR Development with Unity Read More >>
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Virtual Reality Course Online
Virtual Reality Online
VR Applications
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Become a Certified
VR Specialist
VR Course (24 hrs Online)
Unity Game Engine
C# Programming (C-Sharp)
Use Oculus Go VR Headset (32 GB)
Consumer Speak
  • Varsha consumer

    This is a fun destination to learn Robotics. A great platform to learn new skills and implement our knowledge practically. I became a Certified Roboteer in my 3rd year of college and did a food delivery robot, that got recognised in TEDx. The opportunities provided by SP Robotic Works to showcase our skills is so valuable and unmatchable.

    Varsha Jaisingh

    JSS Academy of Technical Education


  • Sahayaraj consumer

    The curriculum is very well set to train anyone gradually to design a Robot on their own. My daughter enjoys learning and it is so good to see her utilize the time wisely in building her own ideas. She gets immersed into the course, to make sure she tops as the best Certified Roboteer.

    Sahayaraj Prabhu. M.B.X

    Father of Jyotsna Callista

    8 th Grade (13 years)

  • Saravanabhavan consumer

    The teaching method helps even children to understand difficult concepts without any strain. The competitive events help to build their self-confidence and showcase their talents, and make them proud of their creations.


    Father of Swarrna Rathna

    8 th Grade (12 years)

  • Ramya consumer

    I am glad that Smritika has completed her Electro-Blocks Kit. I am very happy with the teaching methodology and sure that my daughter will scale heights with the interest gained. The certification she has received has given a lot of recognition in her academics and boosted her performance at school too.


    Mother of Smritika (Dubai)

    7 th Grade ( 11 years)

  • Archis consumer

    I find it very interesting and easy to learn and practice up those stuff on kit. Becoming a Certified Roboteer has given me a lot of confidence and value to pursue higher education in Robotics and I am sure, this interest will lead me to become a research engineer at a very reputed company.


    Ramakrishnan college of Technology



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using Oculus Go, Unity Software and C# Programming

Your require the Oculus Go VR Headset and a good PC with Internet connection. Ideally, utilize Google Chrome browser to learn on the web. The PC Configuration should be as recommended below:
OS: Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only
Processor: 7th Generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 Processor (or) above
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 2GB DDR3 (or) above
RAM: At least 6GB.
Hard disk: Free space of at least 50 GB (Recommended will be 128GB SSD for faster performance)
Virtual Reality is the next boom in technology. Just like how Robotics and IOT are changing the world, VR is also contributing to the same significantly. Moreover, the recent developments in VR and its usage in varied industry sectors, show a definitive growth of this field in the upcoming years - there has been 800% growth in the requirement of VR developers in the market today. Learning this will keep you in the forefront and you will be a definitive value addition to any company that comes across such a practically equipped VR developer.
This course is not just animation and gaming! Its more of Physics, Mathematics and Programming - with fun ofcourse!
This course is authorised by Unity, the world’s leading real-time engine and the most sought out software for VR application development. You will learn to develop VR applications with Unity and moreover, you will be learning all the basic concepts in VR - gameobjects, relations with physics, C# programming that is highly essential to make all of this work!
Are you 14 years or above? Then you can learn this course to get yourself equipped with the skills for the future!
We believe that VR will power transformative change across a number of industries. Graduates of this program will be valuable additions to any team working in the domains of gaming, web development, app development, social media, film, e-commerce, and marketing. Opportunities also exist in healthcare, architecture, finance, retail, media, advertising, education, and more.
So whether you are still in college or school, or you are already working, it doesn’t matter - learn it, get equipped - you will be needed out there!
First of all, you will need an Oculus Go VR Headset to implement the VR applications that you will be developing.
For the Software, we will provide it free of cost to you (remember it should be utilized only for learning purpose).
By clicking the buy now button in this page, you can buy the courseware online and also the VR headset. Once you buy the course, you can start learning online at your convenience. You can learn anytime and from anywhere. Apart from these, you will need a good configuration laptop for the application to work and internet connection to login to the course and start learning. Learning is assisted through an AI platform, extensive animation videos, real-time examples and more. Your understandings will be tested regularly with questions in the Online Portal and Certificate will be issued after you submit a project of your own idea. Any queries or doubts at anytime during the course? Our industry experts are at a click away to help you through Text chat, Video chat and Screen Sharing.
The courses have been structured and designed by Industry experts in the field of Robotics, IOT, Artificial Intelligence and Education. The course is also authorised by Unity Technologies, World’s leading VR application development software.
Our in-house Industry experts have supplied Robotics solutions to several Fortune 500 Companies. SP Robotic Works has been found as a trusted tech destination by Industry stalwarts such as Manipal Group, Lakshmi Narayanan (Ex-CEO and President of Cognizant) and CK Ranganathan (Chairman of Cavin Kare)
SP Robotic Works has been awarded by Government of India, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship as the Best Startup, Mastrepreneur Award by CNBC Awaz, Award for Exemplary application of IT by CII (Confedration of Indian Industries), World Startup Expo, Women Economic Forum and more.
You will be part of the largest Tech Community spread across nations, actively sharing ideas and innovating solutions to real-world problems. The community helps you learn fast, and provides you a platform to share your projects and gain recognition for what you have proudly showcased.
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