What will my Child Learn?

The best part about learning here is “No Prior coding knowledge is Required”

The entire course starts from the basics on how to code with C-Language. Coding is made fun with the Robot kit which will help your child visualize the code’s output and understand the concepts better. Every chapter is a problem solving challenge that improves your child’s coding knowledge along with logical thinking and reasoning skills.

Cleaning Robot
Cleaning Robot

Let your child attach a mop to the Robot and code it to clean your house in a perfect algorithm

Child building Android Voice Recognition App
Drawing Robot

Let your child give a pen to the Robot and code it to draw your name or a pattern of choice

Child building Android  GPS Locator App
Gardening Robot

Let your child code the Robot to follow the road/line perfectly and water the garden alongside

Child building Android Pedometer App
Automatic Parking

Let the Robot be coded to sense the walls of a garage and park itself neatly

India's #1 FUN

What's The Benefit For My Child?

The courses are specially designed by experts for ages 10+ to engage them well and useful. Coding and STEM Skills are essential skills for your child, but that's not the only benefits your child will get. Developing interpersonal skills through the hands-on experiments is the highlight of this course

Gaining Logical Thinking
Thinking Skills
Creativity &
Focus Thinking
GProblem Solving
Solving Skills
Coding & Debugging skills
Coding &
Debugging Skills
How To Start?
Order Kit
Order Kit
Order the Kit Online with your home address for delivery. The Payment can be made via our safe and secure Netbanking or Card or Wallet Options.
Get it Delivered
Get it
The Kit will be shipped to your house directly with all the parts inside the dream box. Your child will need a laptop to start learning and coding the Robot
Start Learning Online
Start Learning
Instructions inside the kit will help you login and access the online course & get 1:1 Personlized guidance. Code and See your Robot in Action
SP Robotic Works has India's best Online Learning Platform for practical learning with 1:1 Personalized Guidance, animations, real-world examples, assessments, reports, fun activities, gaming and more. Your child will have fun, while learning happens in the background.
1:1 Personalized
A Tech Expert from the Product support Team is always available for you through text, video and even a screen share support. You can ask any question, any number of times, until you learn and master the course.
AI Assisted
Interactive Learning
Sparky, our AI Teacher, is intelligent enough to adapt to every child individuality based on the questions they ask and the speed at which your child learns & masters each module. The sessions are interactive using animated videos in a structured way.
See Your Code
Come To Life
At SP Robotic Works, its all about Practical Learning! Learn all the concepts using our Structured methods and see your robot come to Life using the Coding knowledge your child has learnt and implemented!
Learn From
With our structured learning, your child can build 10+ Android Apps like a Voice Command App, Pedometer App, GPS Based Finder App, Games and several such applications. The course starts from the basics on how to code and is loaded with fun experiments that your child will enjoy.
Smart Classes.
Learn Anytime.
Once you have registered for this course. your child gets access to this course and learning for a lifetime. The class is AI Powered and hence, always available. You child can learn and build projects now and continue even when school starts.
Get Certified On
Course Completion
On completion of the complete course, your child will not just learn to code and build many interesting, useful and fun projects, but will get a Course Completion Certificate from SP Robotic Works. So, you can show-off to your friends and colleagues what your child has achieved.

*Kits shipped outside India will not contain batteries – Instructions will be provided in the package for using alternate power source.

Over 1 Lakh+ Parents like you from all over India have enrolled their child at SP Robotic Works and were thrilled with their child's progress and enthusiasm to learn and explore tech.



Robot Kit for kids of age 10+ to Learn Coding

Every child loves remote control cars or to create something that they can play with. This course is more fun than that - with lots of learning. They will build their robot from scratch and learn to code it with C-Language. Coding will be taught using various activities like creating a Robot Vacuum Cleaner, warehouse robot based on line following, fire fighting robot, pit avoiding robot, self driving car and more. Your child can continue to make 100+ crazy projects with it!

Oh no! These courses have been specially designed for the respective age groups and we have seen average academic performers excel in this practical learning. Your child is sure to do wonders with this kit - Get ready to be amazed!

Not at all! No Coding or Electronics knowledge is needed. The course will be taught from the basics and it will be complete fun for your child.

Learning coding by just looking at the monitor makes imagination very difficult for a child. This course has specially been designed to make coding real with a robot. When a child sees the code in action, his/her imagination becomes real and their coding skills improve drastically. Debugging the code becomes so easy for your child. Children have also shown clear improvement in their creativity, focus, logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Your child will need a laptop to code. Softwares and installation procedures will be taught during the online course.

1.Electrical and Electronics
Introduction to microcontrollers/ RAM/ ROM/ Crystal Oscillators/ Translator ICs/ FTDI/ Reset Functionality/ Analog Sensors/ Development board/ Input-output ports.

Introduction to programming/ C-Program/ Embedded-C/ Syntax/ Headers/ Variables/ Functions/ Statements – Types and Uses/ Instructions/ Conditions/ Loops/ Arduino Software/ Installing Software/ Identifying COM Port/ Setup and loop functions/ Assigning a port as Input or Output/ Writing digital outputs to a port/ Writing analog outputs/ Reading digital inputs/ Reading analog inputs/ Performing conditional actions based on inputs/ Performing continuous actions based on inputs/Concept of delay and its effects/ PWM concept and working/ Working with speed control of motors and brightness of LEDs/ Creating functions/ Calling functions/ Serial Communication/ Establishing communication/ ASCII Codes/ Programming Robots on various algorithms.

Designing of Autonomous Robots/ Parameters to be considered/ Placement of components and analysis of design.

Tabular Algorithms/ Analyzing the possible conditions/ Simulating the output/ Concept of Obstacle Avoider Robot/ Concept of Pit Avoider Robot/ Concept of Light follower Robot/ Concept of Wall follower Robot/Concept of Line follower Robot/ Concept of Computer Controlled Robot.

The kit is a tool to continue experimenting more than 100+ Projects. After your child has learnt all the concepts, imagination and creativity is the only limitation to the number of projects they can do. There will also be competitions where your child can participate with this kit and showcase the skills gained!

There is 1:1 Personlized Guidance through text, video and screenshare support from our tech experts available from 10am to 8pm (Sunday Holiday). You can clarify all your doubts here

Yes, ofcourse! After you finish all chapters, you will get a certificate. You can also submit a video of your practical project to get a Master Certificate.

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