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Featured Real-time Robot

Micro AGV

Micro AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) solutions boosts productivity, reduce product damage, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and profitability.Researchers across the globe are working on various upgrades and applications wherein the AGV can be utilized.Young Maker's of SPRW are working on such platform its nothing less than the dream come true. Right from getting the industrial requirement till its deployment there are a lot of opportunities. These Micro AGV will be deployed at QUALCOMM offices across Globe for testing signal strengths at various positions.

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EA Bot

EA Bot, a Customer Assistant robot commissioned by the Express Avenue mall and built by the members of the SPRW’s community, has been deployed to help visitors at the EA mall. The robot is 5 feet 5 tall and has an array of sensors dotting her structure. She employs an assortment of Ultrasonic sensors to give her 360° situational awareness. The robot greets visitors with a smile and has a 22 inch touchscreen. It also has an electronic voice that says “Hi! I am EA Bot! Welcome to Express Avenue”. The robot uses a guidance system which is based on advanced image processing.

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BOB the Butler

Butler ‘O’ Bistro (BOB), a semi-autonomous Food Serving Robot, was built by members of SPRW’s Bangalore Community. Born out of an idea for innovating the way customers are served at food courts and to encourage young innovators to collaborate with the industry, the SPRW community and VR Mall decided to get together and develop Bob. This Robot holds the distinction of being the first of its kind built not by experts, but by a group of Enthusiasts. The 5-membered team- Arjun , Anish, Srivatsan, Varsha and Rajesh Varma- who built this robot are all members of the SP Robotic Works community.

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Chitti the QuizBot

Chitti, a humanoid robot, was developed by the SP Robotic Works community to be featured as a QUIZ MASTER on TV. Featured on the show “LITTLE GENIUS 2.0” promoted by the popular TV channel STAR VIJAY, Chitti conducts quiz for school students who answer the questions posed by Chitti. Bringing together the elements of education and entertainment, the show is a major hit among the student community. SP Robotic Works, which believes in blurring the lines between education and entertainment, sees in Chitti an opportunity to inspire the student community and awaken their scientific and technical acumen.

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The SwachhBot project was one of significance for the student community of SP Robotic Works and the country in general. In line with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, the community members of SPRW with the support of the organization developed a beach cleaning robot. With dimensions of 120cm X 120cm and weight of 80Kgs, the team which designed and developed this robot was an all-school students team consisting of 40 young minds. Today it is a robust beach-cleaning robot which is capable of cleaning upto 2Kms of beach coastline in an hour.

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The AgriBot project is a significant milestone for the student community of SP Robotic Works and the Agriculture sector in general. Developed in association with Ananya Hi-Tech Farms, SP Robotic Works’ AgriBot a four wheeled robotic assistant that can take over the activity of farming from humans. Reducing the burden on farmers and optimizing the entire process of farming - in particular the laborious task of weeding - the members of the SPRW community took this up as a challenge and developed a well engineered Agribot which is capable of taking over the field from humans and introducing high technology in the area of farming.

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