Who We Are

We are SPRW

A team of highly charged dynamic individuals, a cohesive unit that has been driven with the desire to transform the way Engineering and STEM education is looked at and accessed around the globe. Having the modest of starts in the year 2012, we have grown from strength to strength, thanks to our team of highly motivated engineers and curious learners who took it upon themselves to develop a product that could usher in making Robotics ubiquitous. The brand SP Robotic Works strives to be the first one globally to introduce tomorrow’s generations to the world of tech learning.

Today, the company has India’s Largest Network of Maker Labs and is also spreading its wings Internationally with debut in Australia. Apart from Robotics, the company introduces learners to other cutting edge fields too such as Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Computer Vision and more etc. With an aim to reach millions of students every year across 10+ countries by 2025, the team has ensured quality education to all students through its personalized and gamified e-learning platform which synchronizes with the hands-on kit developed by the team for learning various technologies. The backbone of the company is its community - that is considered the most active tech community in India innovating its way through various Industry sectors. With opportunities for learners to apply their education in real-time, every initiative is undertaken with the aim of making learners not just become aware of cutting edge concepts, but to make them creators and architects of a sustainable future !

Key Team Members
Sneha Priya

She started the business career at 19, back-packing across the country, going hands-on, participating and winning in national and international competitions in Robotics to eventually create the idea behind SP Robotic Works. She was one of the youngest women to be awarded as “Iconic Women” by the Women Economic Forum. From spearheading the development of curriculum and courseware to chartering the growth of the community, she is a driving force behind all of the company’s initiatives.


Robotics being the passion and a driving force for this geek, and a laudable record of 40+ national and International awards to his name, he is the driving force behind the conceptualization and realization of every idea from the stables of SP Robotic Works. “Thinking big” might actually be something this person is born with. In his leadership and directions, the products and processes have been made highly scalable, empowering the entire team to run faster towards the ulitmate goals and vision.

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan
Board of Director

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan has over 25 years of experience as CEO for Aptech & Zensar Technologies. Under his leadership, Aptech expanded its physical footprint from 9 to over 1,000 centres in 40 countries including China and grew its revenues by over fifty times. He is currently the executive chairman and CEO of 5F World. With such rich experiences, he sits on the board of SPRW and also advises the team in scaling at both national & international level and follow best practices.

Uma Ganesh
Dr. Uma Ganesh

Dr. Uma Ganesh is an expert in Skill Education and national and international franchising. Her leadership roles have been at NIIT, APTECH, Zee Education and HSBC Global Resourcing. She holds an MBA and PhD from IIT Bombay. With such expertise, she closely works with the team at SP Robotic Works to help strengthen the franchise network and profitability, with a vision to make SP Robotics Maker Lab as the next big network for educating the future generation with the right skills.

Board of Director

A versatile leader with more than 2 decades of experience in collaborating with young entrepreneurs in the US and in India. He believes in a hands-on approach and is widely sought after as a thought leader at Impact space. His personal mantra is to assist Start-ups that focus on India’s strength – people, problem, Tech. Being a lead investor, and with his expertise, he guides team SPRW through the challenges of a startup and is a strong pillar of support at every step of scaling.

Dr. Jayaram K Iyer
Board of Director

Dr. Jayaram K Iyer holds a PhD in Marketing and Data Sciences with course work from MIT Sloan, Harvard Business School and Boston University. He has been a CEO of parentcircle.com, Chief Strategy and Analytics Officer of matrimony.com. He has pioneered several Artificial and Machine Learning applications and works with Team SPRW to strengthen its analytics and business intelligence to take key decisions and strategize best practices for marketing, sales and expansion at every locality.

MV Subramanian
Board of Advisor

A professional entrepreneur whose vision and business acumen have been crucial in mentoring, coaching and guiding several business ventures. His experience in management spans over 25 years with an in-depth knowledge of all areas of organizational development and management. Being a lead investor at SP Robotic Work from Indian Angel Network and being an entrepreneur himself, he guides the team SPRW with the entrepreneurial challenges and to follow best practices at every stride.