3H Section

Our 3H principle of Learning -
Head, Heart and Hand.

Its important that any learning experience encourages a child to think (HEAD), involve themselves with practical experiments (HAND), and give a feel of creating something (HEART). This all-round experience is unmatchable – and

Your child will never say NO!

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Monthly Expense Manager

Projected by: Hemant Sudeep

Project lab: East Tambaram


Android SOS App

Projected by: Daiwik Bhusal

Project lab: Kottivakkam


COVID 19 Fighter App

Projected by: T.Levi Israel

Project lab: Chennai, Adambakkam



Projected by: Ajay & Saran Karthick

Project lab: KK Nagar


Covid Surksha

Projected by: Rajesh Chaudhari

Project lab: Chopda


Admissions Management System

Projected by: T.Levi Israel

Project lab: Chennai, Adambakkam

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Why Coding for Kids?

Code for kids

"The more time students spent learning coding, the better their test scores in reading, writing, math, and science - Because it teaches you how to think"

Seven different studies show: children who study coding perform better in other subjects, excel at problem-solving, and are 17% more likely to ace college.

Students who were exposed to coding showed a “transfer” of their learning not only within the domain of computer science, but also to other skills such as creativity, math, and reasoning.

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World's Best Teaching Platform

World's Best Teaching Platform

We want to give the best for your child – no matter what!

An Expert Teacher combined with an intelligent A.I. is the best combo a child can experience. The A.I. will find your child’s strengths and interest and alter the curriculum to make it more interesting and to make sure your child does better & better!

Our Expert Teachers are available anytime for a 1:1 Live interaction with your child.

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Hear What Our Parent’s Have to Say

My son is always happy to go to Robotics class (with full smile & joy).I attribute this to the exemplary teaching and community feel of the class.It is indeed very motivating for parents and children to get such encouragement and platforms to be acknowledged for their good performance. Thank you once again for facilitating good learning.
SP Robotics is a boon to the children who are interested in tinkering with gadgets and who love practical learning. My son is extremely happy and excited to make and work with his own robot. It is the best platform for the children's future to achieve their goal. I would strongly recommend this to all students across India.
The purpose of enrolling my child here in SP Robotic is that I want him to have an additional curriculum but over here I can see a lot of difference, It's not just they learn about building and coding them but my child actually enjoys and I see a kicks off in interest level, especially in SP Robotics, it's totally edutainment I guess that's how a class should be instead of boring subjects all time.

We have been Featured in


Is all about bringing problem solving ability to students

Business Standard

“practical implementation of the concepts using kits”


“online company that specialises in providing experiential learning”

The Economic Times

“School-going coders create a real world robot with their code”

Online Learning Faqs

Online Course on Robotics & Coding to Learn from Home for Kids of age 13+

What are the fun things my child will learn?

Every child loves mobile or video games. This course will be equally fun - with lots of learning. They will be creating real robots or devices which they have seen and used in video games for fun. While they build and have fun with the kit, learning happens automatically.

Will this be tough for my child?

Oh no! These courses have been specially designed for the respective age groups and we have seen average academic performers excel in this practical learning. Your child is sure to do wonders with this kit - Get ready to be amazed!

Do I need prior Coding knowledge?

Not at all! No Coding or Electronics knowledge is needed. The course will be taught from the basics and it will be complete fun for your child.

What is the benefit of learning Robotics?

This course has shown clear improvement in a child's creativity, focus, logical thinking and problem solving skills. But thats not all, Robotics and Automation is the future and your child will be one-up from the others. Let's ensure your child has all the fun for his/her age but still learns the essential skills for a better today and tomorrow.

What are the items required to learn with the kit?

Every kit comes with all the parts required to build and experiment. You will need a tablet/phone/laptop to access the online course. In case of the Codey, Android, Scratch, AR/VR, Drone and Machine Learning, you will need a laptop to code and upload into your robot/phone.

What to do with the kit after my child learns?

There will be lot of competitions conducted throughout the year to showcase your child's talents and this kit is needed for the same. Moreover, the Kit is not a Toy, its an explorable Tech Kit - you can keep using it for any projects, mix and match with other kits, use it in real-time applications and more.

What if I have doubts while learning? How can I clarify them?

There is 1:1 Personlized Guidance through text, video and screenshare support from our tech experts available from 10am to 8pm (Monday Holiday). You can clarify all your doubts here

Will I get a certificate after Completing?

Yes, ofcourse! After you finish all chapters, you will get a certificate. You can also submit a video of your practical project to get a Master Certificate.

What is the recommended internet speed to learn online?

Recommended Internet speed is 4Mbps download speed.