What will my child learn?
They will learn to have fun with Robots and Drones. They will learn to compete and win. They will also learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in a super fun and super easy environment.
They will also learn:
  • To Build Fun Electronic Projects with Circuits & Sensors
  • To Code Drones and Fly them using Scratch
  • A mix of Mechanics, Electronics and Coding
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Skills
More importantly, this will help your child to improve their
Stem Skills
Logical Thinking
Decision Making
Cognitive Skills
Focus Thinking
Child coding drones using Scratch Programming in Robot Risers Camp, for age 7+ years
Robot Kit for my Child
The Robot Kit for my Child
Every child gets a super cool Electroblocks Inventor Kit worth Rs.7,200/- as part of the Summer Camp. They will use this Kit to build Projects during the Summer Camp and the same kit can also be used year-long to build 50 other applications.
The Kit contains fun and interesting components like Sensors, LEDs, Switches, Buzzer etc to build these applications. For more projects, please visit http://www.robotictutorials.com
What can my Child Build with the Kit?
Your child can build a whole lot of applications that will simply amaze you and make your heart swell with pride. They can surprise you with projects such as:
  • Automatic Door Bell – with an Infra-Red Sensor and Buzzer
  • Automatic Home Lighting System – that switches on instantly when the power cuts off
  • Automatic Water Dispenser – that pours water intelligently when you place the cup.
  • Their own toys – and make it whizz around!
  • Disco Lights – to surprise you on your birthday party
  • And 50+ Fun Projects Imagination is the only limitation
Child building real world projects using Circuit building Kit in Robot Risers Camp, for 7+ years
Compete & WIN
Opportunity to win Trip to NASA
An all expenses paid
Opportunity to participate in Young Tech
100 WINNERS: Young Tech CEO Program
Venue: IIT Madras Research Park
Parent's Speak
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Robot Riser Camp with Drone & Coding for kids age 7+ in India