This drone can go scuba diving with you.Know more.

 Here comes the under-water drone which can submerge up to the depth of 150m which is the deepest of its kind. It has six thrusters and a video camera for underwater videography.

 Its camera shoots that video with help from two LED spotlights that put out a combined 3,000 lumens. Footage is recorded onboard at 4K, the operator can view the video in real time via an app or its controller.


You can control it wirelessly up to 50m by using wifi module mounted on the top but after that, the power cable needs to be connected.

Propulsion and maneuverability are provided by six thrusters – two horizontal and four vertical. These take it to a top forward speed of 2 meters (6.6 ft) per second, while also providing stabilization by adjusting the pitch, yaw, and roll in response to a 9-axis motion sensor. A two-hour battery charge is enough for four hours of usage.

By completing the Advance Level and Expert Level  you can have  strong knowledge in robotics and you can also try to make one.

Source: New Atlas