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About The Courses

SP Robotic Works is India’s #1 Edutainment Company with 81+ Branches across India and present globally through its Online Learning Platform to provide fun learning for Students of Age 7 to 17+. Robotics, Drones, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things & more.


About The Courses

SP Robotic Works is India’s #1 Edutainment Company with 81+ Branches across India and present globally through its Online Learning Platform to provide fun learning for Students of Age 7 to 17+. Robotics, Drones, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things & more.


  • There isn’t any electronics or mechanical item in today’s world without a bit of “code” in them – equip yourself to be the creator!

  • From headers to creating functions, this level takes you through hands on experience of programming a robot with “Embedded C”

  • Learn about creating algorithms, speed control of robot, commanding it to your needs and many more…

  • Debugging codes is neither difficult nor boring – it’s fun and easy, when you have to do it with Robots…

  • Excited to design your own automated Vacuum Cleaner, Fire fighter robot, food serving robot and a few other robot variations? Go ahead; you have more than 100 projects to work on

  • 24 hours of AI-assisted learning followed by assessment and certification


Robotics requires huge skill-sets in Electronics, Mechanical and Programming domain. This level focuses on Programming and below are the skills you will gain upon completion of this level. You will master each of these skills by the end of the Robotics Course.







SP Robotic Works has India's best Online Learning Platform for practical learning with 1:1 Personalized Guidance, animations, real-world examples, assessments, reports, fun activities, gaming and more. Your child will have fun, while learning happens in the background.

1:1 Personalized

A Tech Expert from the Product support Team is always available for you through text, video and even a screen share support. You can ask any question, any number of times, until you learn and master the course.

AI Assisted
Interactive Learning

Sparky, our AI Teacher, is intelligent enough to adapt to every child individuality based on the questions they ask and the speed at which your child learns & masters each module. The sessions are interactive using animated videos in a structured way.

See Your Code
Come To Life

At SP Robotic Works, its all about Practical Learning! Learn all the concepts using our Structured methods and see your robot come to Life using the Coding knowledge your child has learnt and implemented!

Learn From

With our structured learning, your child can build 10+ Android Apps like a Voice Command App, Pedometer App, GPS Based Finder App, Games and several such applications. The course starts from the basics on how to code and is loaded with fun experiments that your child will enjoy.

Smart Classes.
Learn Anytime.

Once you have registered for this course. your child gets access to this course and learning for a lifetime. The class is AI Powered and hence, always available. You child can learn and build projects now and continue even when school starts.

Get Certified On
Course Completion

On completion of the complete course, your child will not just learn to code and build many interesting, useful and fun projects, but will get a Course Completion Certificate from SP Robotic Works. So, you can show-off to your friends and colleagues what your child has achieved.



The AI detects if you get stuck in any practical experiment, and helps you to solve it real-time.


Having difficulties in understanding a concept? The AI will teach you the concept in a different way.


Like challenging the AI? Well, it will give you a customized time target to complete every activity!


Guidance on next level of learning based on analytics from evaluation of answers, time-taken, interest levels etc.



If you want to build a Robot, you need to know concepts in Electronics, Mechanical and Programming. Learning in a composed way is exceedingly required to ace any field. This Robotic course is designed to help you climb step by step and master every domain. This Codey kit can be considered as the third level, after Electro-Blocks and Ranger kit. Having learnt the Electronic and Mechanical concepts, the next step is to code and give intelligence to the Robot. And that's exactly what this kit helps you to learn. Continue climbing the levels, and ensure you ace towards the end!


These are some of the example videos done by members of our community who have learnt this course online. Take a look at the creative ideas after learning the Programming concepts using the kit.


*Kits shipped outside India will not contain batteries – Instructions will be provided in the package for using alternate power source.

Learn & Build Robots, Drones, IOT,
VR,AI and Android classes for children ages 7 to 17+

Learn & Build Robots, Drones, IOT,
VR, AI and Android classes for children ages 7 to 17+

Life path image 1 About layer 1 About layer 2 Polygon round
Students at expo with project
Students doing their Project Expo
Students Controlling Drone
Student working with his Ranger Robot
Student explaining his project

Learn & Build Robots, Drones, IOT,
VR, AI and Android classes for children ages 7 to 17+

SP Robotic Works is India's #1 Edutainment Organization with Online Learning with 75+ Branches across India and present globally through its Online Learning Platform to provide fun learning for Students of ages 7 to 17+ in Robotics, Drones, Android App building, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, AI and more.

Maker Corner


You simply require a PC or tablet with Internet connection. Ideally, utilize Google Chrome browser to learn on the web.

This kit helps you learn the Basics of Programming – Logic building, C Programming from the Basics of variables, Statements to creating functions, Conditional Statements, Loops and more. You get to code your own Robot to do various activities such as self-driving cars, Robot vacuum cleaners, Industrial based Line Followers, Fire Extinguishing Robot, Pit Avoiding Robot and more. You can continue forward to make 100+ crazy projects with it, after you completing your learning!

This kit requires 24 involvement hours (which includes video time, coding time and question-answer time). Suppose you feel that you have to keep yourself engaged for more time, you can essentially checkout the enormous list of 100+ projects that ought to keep you busy !

1.Electrical and Electronics

Introduction to microcontrollers/ RAM/ ROM/ Crystal Oscillators/ Translator ICs/ FTDI/ Reset Functionality/ Analog Sensors/ Development board/ Input-output ports.


Introduction to programming/ C-Program/ Embedded-C/ Syntax/ Headers/ Variables/ Functions/ Statements – Types and Uses/ Instructions/ Conditions/ Loops/ Arduino Software/ Installing Software/ Identifying COM Port/ Setup and loop functions/ Assigning a port as Input or Output/ Writing digital outputs to a port/ Writing analog outputs/ Reading digital inputs/ Reading analog inputs/ Performing conditional actions based on inputs/ Performing continuous actions based on inputs/Concept of delay and its effects/ PWM concept and working/ Working with speed control of motors and brightness of LEDs/ Creating functions/ Calling functions/ Serial Communication/ Establishing communication/ ASCII Codes/ Programming Robots on various algorithms.


Designing of Autonomous Robots/ Parameters to be considered/ Placement of components and analysis of design.


Tabular Algorithms/ Analyzing the possible conditions/ Simulating the output/ Concept of Obstacle Avoider Robot/ Concept of Pit Avoider Robot/ Concept of Light follower Robot/ Concept of Wall follower Robot/Concept of Line follower Robot/ Concept of Computer Controlled Robot.

Really? What you can do? There are many students in our community who have created real applications with the kit and received awards with it. This kit is not a toy, and you can indeed mix and match it with the previous or later kit parts - it is open for you to explore and go beyond.

There is Live Tech Support through your online account – with text, video and screenshare support. The live tech support will be available from 10am to 8pm (Monday holiday). For general info, you can always contact us – our friendly support team is always here to answer.

After each chapter, there will be simple tests and scores to assess the applied comprehension of that specific chapter. At the completion of all the Chapter tests, you will be awarded with Completion Certificate.

If you need the Master Certificate, you should build a project (any inventive thought would do), take a video of it and submit it online. The video will be assessed and Medal alongside Master Certificate will be given.

Minimum requirement is 2Mbps download speed. Recommended Internet speed is 4Mbps download speed

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Designed by Industry Experts and taught by Sparky, an AI-assisted learning platform.
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We ship worldwide
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