Is there a Robot suit to transform anything into a robot? Check it out.

What if there was some kind of flexible, stretchy material that you could wrap around just about any random object and turn it into a robot? It sounds like a gadget that might belong to a superhero, but a team of researchers has developed just that.
This robot is called OmniSkins. It’s made of a combination of elastic materials (or fabric, in one version) embedded with sensors and actuators that when stuck to, wrapped around, or layered can make just about any object move. 
This robot is re-programmable in nature and we can attach it to the objects and make it move in the desired way which makes it a lot of potentials. Researches from NASA are working on to create soft robotics that could be useful in space. what if we could reduce the number of robots altogether and instead send just a few robots that could be reconfigured to do different tasks? That’s when researchers thought to create lightweight robotic skins that can be stored flat during transport and repurposed over and over again.

Additional hardware, such as environmental sensors and cameras, can easily be added. Future astronauts exploring another planet could quickly construct a robot using the robotic skins wrapped around materials they have access to and stick a camera on it, and then deploy the robot for exploration of small or dangerous spaces. So go ahead all you creators out there and explore this with the knowledge of coding from the Advance and Expert level.