Modular E scooter. Dream or reality?Check it out

Taking public transportation often means either standing or sitting in crowded buses.  Driving provides more personal space but comes with the added frustrations of traffic and parking. And you guys know how it shoots up the frustration meter. On means of transportation, The most convenient would be this electric scooter. 
It is a great way to get fresh air and exercise while avoiding the troubles of the car or bus. As well, electric scooters are by far more environmentally friendly. 
There are a wide variety of electric scooters on the market today. Unfortunately, many have some drawbacks. That is some can be slow and have limited range. 

There are several features included in these scooters to make them safer and more user-friendly. For instance, they have a Dual Start system. To start the scooter, the key must turn to the “On” position. Then, the waterproof on/off switch can be pressed to turn the scooter on. This provides more security and saves on draining your energy while kickstarting the vehicle. These electric scooters depend on quality batteries to perform well and have long range.

Can you guys build this E- Scooter? Of course, you can! So go ahead and build your own E-scooter with the skills you have gained in the Advance and Beginner Level.

Source: Moneyinc