These Miniature Robots can inspect and repair aeroplane engines.

Rolls-Royce the legendary car maker is not only a car maker as we all know, but did you know they are also the pioneers at airline engine manufacturing?

Now they recently developed a unique solution to engine issues within planes. Rather than tear apart or opening the entire engine, the company has designed a robotics system that is capable of crawling into the engine itself for repairs. Repairs can be in the form of removing damaged material or putting material back on.

This bug can use different technologies themselves include a variety of robotics: SWARM, INSPECT, FLARE

For example, if using the SWARM concept, bugs are sent into the engine in the form of mini-bots roughly 10 mm in diameter that would be placed in the middle of an engine via a separate snake-like robot. SWARM bots would perform an inspection of hard-to-reach areas in engines by carrying tiny cameras for a live video view. 

INSPECT robots would be a series of periscopes permanently attached to the engine that consistently look for maintenance needs.

FLARE robots are snake-like robotics systems that travel through the engine like an endoscope

So now you can use the mechanical and programming concepts that you have learned in Beginner Level and Advance Level. Now, what are you guys waiting for? Just go ahead and build your own bug to help your car get the free service!!

Source: Interesting Engineering