Can you build your own stealth surveillance system? Read more.

You must have noticed the attention given by security personnel to monitor numerous live video feeds from cameras that are presently surveilling our parking lots, university campuses, and shopping malls. Imagine the monotonous patrols of armies of security guards in countless corridors.

Research in robot mobility has advanced to the point that robots now have the capability of navigating complex environments, guarding as humans guards would do Equipped with cameras and other sensors of their own, they can also serve as mobile surveillance by using situated cameras in the different location. For instance, a robot can provide temporary coverage to areas that may become critical due to camera failures or other anomalies. Moreover, robots have the mobility, sensors, and actuators to respond directly to events detected over fixed camera streams and also provide real-time scene analysis. You too can build your own guard with the knowledge that you have gained in the Advance level and IoT level. To add on to the perfection and the technology SPRW is coming up with the all-new course Computer Vision soon.

Source: IEEE Xplore