Now a spider that heals you within!

The main research nowadays in the field of robotics is to create smarter and smaller robots. With the advancement in technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning it is truly possible to create truly sophisticated autonomous robots. 
An animal-inspired robot can be safely deployed in difficult-to-access environments, such as inside the human body or in spaces that are too dangerous for humans to work. Especially where rigid robots cannot be used.

A team of researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have overcome this problem and created this softbot.  The structure of the robot is elastic silicone, which remains flexible in its neutral state. Then, fluid is pumped through microscopic channels and into pockets to actuate nine individual joints in the legs, body, and jaws. The joints will remain rigid until the fluid pressure is released. The robot spider itself is roughly the size of a coin, but external pumps are required to actuate the joints. This robot can be useful in small-scale operations such as an surgery.

Now guys, Go on develope one with programming skills with the basics learned in Advance Level and Expert Level. 

Source: Wyss Institute