JUNIOR (ages 7+ years)
Take-away Electroblocks Inventor Kit worth Rs.7,200/-
30+ hours of AI Assisted Online Learning
Build over 50+ Projects to have fun year-long

Learn the Basics of Fun filled Electronics, along with Block based Scratch Coding, to let your child rise, into a fine Techie!

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SENIOR (ages 10+ years)
Take-away Fully Programmable Robot Kit worth Rs.9,800/-
40+ hours of AI Assisted Online Learning
Build over 100+ Projects to have fun year-long

With Codey Kit, Learn the fun behind C Programming by brining it to life + some Cool Android apps to build with, in this camp!

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SUPER SENIOR (ages 13+ years)
Take-away Fully Programmable Robot Kit worth Rs.9,800/-
50+ hours of AI Assisted Online Learning
Build over 100+ Projects to have fun year-long

With the basics of C Programming mastered using our Codey course and kit, Robot Advancers camp also offers C Sharp course, to code Virtual Reality (VR-AR) applications!



STEM Accredited

AI Teacher

1:1 LIVE Support





Having fun with useful learning is the core of this Summer Camp. These classes have helped 1 Lakh+ children in improving their logical thinking, problem solving, creativity and importantly focus. The projects a child does during this camp improves their conceptual understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM for short) with a strong foundation to Coding.

It's not tough at all – These courses are NOT designed for Einstein’s. Parents of many of our students have shared how their children did better in this class than in academics. This class is different – it's fun, useful and easy - when taught in the right way!

Does your child break remote control cars? Or play with smartphones? Or Video games? Then this camp is right for your child! Your child is bubbling with curiosity and needs a good platform which is engaging and fun! This is definitely a great start for triggering an interest towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in your child – which is both useful and fun! What better gift for your child?

Oh yes, they will learn all the concepts and become an expert for their age. Age 10 and above, will learn complete C programming from basics. Age 7 to 9 will learn scratch programming which is a drag and drop based programming which helps in logic framing - one step before coding. We believe in conceptual understanding through practical experiments and once the child understands the concepts, sky's the limit. Teaching beyond a certain point is uncalled for! Freedom to experiment and explore is what a child needs! Your child can continue learning, even after the summer camp is over. They can continue to experiment and code new things. Our aim is to build and support their dreams and creativity.

We, at SP Robotic Works, have the most awarded A.I. based personalized teaching for every child with the best quality and there are teachers available at the click of a button for live 1:1 support at your choice of time (from 10am to 8pm except Monday). With individual attention, your child will do great!

With any of the camps, there are 50+ projects your child can do and imagination is the only limitation. The camp will teach them the atleast 10 projects of different concepts do that the basic understanding is in place. With the foundation of all concepts, your child will be able to unleash their creativity with the kit and do wonders.

Of course Yes. They are always welcome in our community. SP Robotic Works has a huge community of over 2 Lakh+ students across India already. There are various courses that we teach our students throughout the year and also provide various opportunities to showcase talents through competitions and more. Learn, Build, Compete, and Have Fun Forever!

SP Robotic Works is India’s No. 1 Edutainment Company with 81 dedicated centres across 31 Cities to provide Future Tech like Robotics, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Drones in a fun, easy and hands-on learning experience. With several awards from Govt. of India, CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), Women Economic Forum, CNBC, SP Robotics Maker Lab is the 1st Private Maker Lab to have been internationally accredited by, USA. We were also awarded as the winner of Top 50 Companies selected by TiE Silicon Valley 2020.

The courses will occur completely via online and we will provide the guidance and support accordingly. 26-48 hours of activity packed classes can be done using the kit which will be delivered at your doorstep. Your child can continue to learn with our smart class model & you will just need a laptop/computer to learn and code (all softwares and installation help will be given by us). Expert Support will be available 1:1 online, in case your child has any queries.

You have the following options in order to proceed with the summer camp.

  • Robot Riser Camp- For Juniors with 7+ years of age & consists of EB Inventor kit + Scratch course.
  • Code Creators Camp- For Seniors with 10+ years of age & consists of Codey Inventor Kit + Android App Development course.
  • Robot Advancers Camp - For Super Seniors with 13+ years of age & consists of VR/AR course + Codey Inventor Kit.

There is an option for you too! Our Maker Labs are open for you to take your child for doubt clearing/ demo sessions with prior appointments. Owing to the current pandemic situation our Maker Labs are not opened for in class training though. Our Maker Labs will be fully functional once the restrictions are lifted by the Government. Check out our Maker Lab locations to find one near you

It is safe for you to visit our Maker Labs, all our Maker Labs will have IR thermometer and the Sanitizer at the door to check your temperature and get sanitized. It is compulsory to wear masks inside the premises. We also will provide you a disposable face mask if you do not bring one, also our Maker Labs are sanitized frequently. Our Maker Labs coordinators are strictly following the SOP’s released by the local Government as well as by WHO.