25th - 30th Apr 2017 by VR Bengaluru <

VR RoboFest

VR RoboFest which concluded recently was an event conducted by VR Bengaluru in association with Kidobotikz. The event involved Kidobotikz hosting its unique Robotic games for enthusiasts from in and around the city of Bangalore.

The desire to host an innovative event that was meant to enthrall the audience and bring in a wow factor encouraged the promoters of the VR Mall to reach out to Kidobotikz to conduct a robotics event at their mall.

e RoboFest was held between 25th and the 30th of April at VR Bengaluru by a team from Kidobotikz.

Several interesting games such as Robo Dribblers, Tesla Wala and Robo Sumo were conducted and offered a unique experience to the visitors.

Alongside these events, there were also three robotics workshops namely, Logic Bot Workshop, Circuit Building workshop and Robot Programming Workshop.


VR Bengaluru, The Black Box on Whitefield Road

Date & Time

25th - 30th April, 2017


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