16th Feb 2020 by SP Robotics Maker Lab


Hey Makers at Thane! The one of it’s kind SPARC X Challenge is now in your region ! This is the first time this kind of event is happening in this region aiming at creating a network of like minded peoples, makers and innovators to join hands and create the future! It’s the stage for all the Maker’s out there to showcase their talents with innovation, creativity, energy and fun.

Robotics competition at Thane for school and college students.

The objectives behind the SPARC Challenge are:

  • To encourage innovation among young makers and provide them with a platform to showcase their works.
  • To provide a platform to test their skill, understand the outputs, get exposure from their counterparts and get feedback to fine tune their design/ideas.
  • To inculcate in the general public an understanding and appreciation of robotics.
  • To educate people and create awareness on the things robot/automation can do that are quite apart from industrial tasks
  • To help in the development of technical skills and work-life skills at such young ages.

With the aim to reach heights and fulfill the objectives, this edition has been planned to feature the following competitions


DATE : 16th February, 2020
VENUE : Thane
ORGANIZER NAME : SP Robotics Maker Lab

Competitions / games

Robo Race
Robo Race

Build a wireless remote controlled all terrain vehicle which can race against other robots in the given track. The Robot which completes the track in the best time is the winner.

Bomb Defusal
Bomb Defusal

Design & build a wireless remote controlled robot which can defuse the bomb by placing them in the safe zone. The Robot which saves more population in the best time is the winner.

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