National Coding & Robotics Challenge

NCRC is India’s Biggest competition designed to give a complete experience for a child of age 7 to 16 - a platform to have FUN and LEARN ! Once you register your child, this will be the best platform for your child to start from the basics, learn to code and then submit the project for participation. There cannot be a better platform to have FUN and LEARN

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Oct 2020 - Jan 2021


SP Robotic Works



Junior NCRC

Code an Online Robot vacuum Cleaner using the Scratch Programming Software taught in the course. Make the robot trace all parts of the window so that every corner of the room is cleaned. Go creative and make the robot talk or put texts or any other idea of yours.

Senior NCRC

Code a shopping Mall App which shows the different shops (at least 3) in the mall and mentions the safety standards for COVID. Go creative with games inside it or any other ideas of yours.


Among hundreds of entries, top 14 Finalists have been chosen for their exemplary Technical and Presentation skills, that has impressed the Jury against all odds!!

Junior Finalists
Senior Finalists


Among the top 14 finalists 3 winners have been chosen for their exemplary projects in the second round. And to top it all, the MIGHTY Jury & Sponsors have joined us LIVE to announce the #Winners all IN ONE DHOOM DHAMAKA EVENT of the year on 7th Feb!!

Junior Winners
Senior Winners