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17th - 21st Apr 2017 by Mauritius Research Council

Mauritius Robot Festival

Mauritius Robot Festival was an event conducted by The Mauritius Research Council, Government of Mauritius in association with Kidobotikz

Building upon the experience of the last year when Kidobotikz was part of the EdTech Expo at Mauritius, The Mauritius Research Council intended to introduce the students of mauritius to the cutting edge field of robotics and electronics.

In this regard, MRC conducted the Robot Festival where 300 + students were given a live hands-on experience with the Kidobotikz Kits and were engaged in robotics workshops

After the learning workshop, the students used their robots and took part in the Robot Festival on the 21st of April.

Several interesting games such as The Tesla Challenge, Maze Runner and e-Novate were conducted and offered a unique experience to the visitors.


Mauritius Research Council, Ebene.

Date & Time

17th - 21st April, 2017


Mauritius Research Council, Ebene