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26th and 27th of dec, 2016 by Fun City

Funcity @ EA

Kidobotikz along with Fun City set up a Robotics-themed game at the EA mall. The event saw 2 robo games being organized - Robo Soccer and Robo Sumo on customized arenas.

Fun City, a chain of amusement parks for children, wanted a different experience to their core customers, the Kids. Kidobotikz was given a space at their facility to set up Robotics-themed games.

The event saw 2 robo games being organized - Robo Soccer (on a customized 8*8 arena) and Robo Sumo (on a customized 4*4 arena). With registrations right next to the playing arena, a large number kids were interested in the event. They had all turned up after seeing the colourful robots wrestle and dribble against each other.

The event being a test edition had only two days. A lot of Kids turned up and participated in both the games. The major crowd puller was the robo soccer where multiple robots helmed by several kids could engage in a soccer friendly against each other.


Fun City, Express Avenue Mall

Date & Time

26th and 27th of December, 2016