Farming using Robotics is the future.Look at this weeding Robot.

The robot works without being controlled by a human operator. It covers the ground just by getting its bearings and positioning itself with the help of its camera, GPS RTK, and sensors. Its system of vision enables it to follow crop rows and to detect the presence and position of weeds in and between the rows. Two robotic arms then apply a microdose of herbicide, systematically targeting the weeds that have been detected.

Reliance on solar power makes the robot completely autonomous in terms of energy, even when the weather is overcast. As it adapts its speed to the concentration of weeds, it is most suitable for use in fields where the level of concentration is low to moderate, cover the ground at a reasonable speed.
After an initial standard application of herbicide, in order to replace subsequent applications and thus save an important amount of herbicide. The machine can be completely controlled and configured by means of a Smartphone app.

Solar traction without recharging. Works up to 12 hours a day without a human operator. High precision spraying. No crops affected, no loss of yield. Less herbicide used. Reduce your costs and your environmental impact.

Doesnt it look like DELTA Robot which you can build with your Expert Level Kit!!Learn how to frame algorithms with the Expert Level.

One of our community members has done the DELTA ROBOT!!Please check the video of it!!