How do you clean the Burj Khalifa? With these Robots of course.

Washing windows on a skyscraper is a difficult job. Hanging off the side of a building can also be incredibly dangerous.  To avoid more disasters as the one happened in Grenfell Tower,  researchers in the UK have come up with this drone which will help in avoiding such accidents in the near future.
It is equipped with 14 propeller blades, the drone can wash tall buildings by using high-pressure water hoses that extend from its square frame. It weighs around 90kg and is tied up to the ground with a  hose ( flexible tube) that supplies the water and electricity for cleaning. The large drone can also be attached with ropes from the roof of the buildings it is washing, in order to prevent it from falling to the ground.
It also could be used to put out fires in tall buildings, aiding firefighters that find it difficult to reach the upper floors of skyscrapers. It can also be used to even splash the colors and paint the buildings.

So guys go ahead and make such innovations to help our society with the knowledge that you gain from  the different levels