Why your child should be the creator? Well that's a question that ponders all ! The answer to it is “ Else his service might not be required in the future – he might become jobless too !” Shocking? That's because the future is for dreamers who hope to innovate. With this shock we went onto to analyze why it is so vital that we introduce our children to the technologies of today!

Everything around us will be managed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) a technology that has the enormous capability of automating most of the jobs around us. A number of predictions have been made that say that after 2030, almost all of the white collar jobs that include, but are not limited to, diagnosing illness (medicine), software development(technology), filing a patent (law), teaching an entry level course (education), and even financial analysis (fintech) and trend analysis (e-commerce) will be automated by AI.

Robotics is the only key that possibly unlocks the nook and corners of everyone’s future. People will increasingly look for and find ways to ‘get inside’ the technology. It will no longer be that ‘black box’, and technology will be built not on ‘features’ but on the basis of ‘human’ needs. And just a few decades ago, robots were the subjects of science fiction but not anymore. Robots won't just change our lives in the future, they'll expand them. Not just for fun, but for necessity.


Countries are starting to realize that robotics in the classroom could be the key. Our educational system is not adequately preparing us for work of the future. If you want your children to be able to understand the technology that they will rule the future, then you need to start providing those building blocks from an early age.

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