Top summer courses your kid should pursue in 2019

It is that time of the year when temperatures soar above 30ºC and leaves dry up. The rustle and bustle of the parched leaves are usually matched by that of young’uns running up and down the alleyways. And if you’re a parent who has a bunch of bubbling kids back home, you only know that keeping them occupied is gonna be a uphill ride till the first day of school.

To you, we say, get em occupied! And what better than a summer course to enroll your children in. And here are a list of students summer activities you should check out:

  1. Swimming:

Swimming is an important life-skill for kids that are growing up. Taking up swimming lessons aids kids in developing resilience and immunity and also helps build muscles. Being a water sport, it is most suited for learning during summer and has seen dozens of swimming schools offer crash courses during summers. The average learning time is around 2-3 weeks and helps kids master an important skill while at the same time dispense energies.


This is one for the future. With a digital and maker revolution underway across the globe, a priority has arisen for children to be equipped with skills in areas such as electronics and mechanics. While this may sound daunting, there are hundreds of maker labs that offer tailor-made courses and robot kits for students to take up and make themselves familiar with emerging technology. What can be more exciting than seeing your children take up technology and master it over the course of summer. So, waste no time in checking out robotic summer camps near you and get your children enrolled.  

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3. Badminton:

This is a sport that needs no introduction. Ever since India saw it’s ace badminton stars excel at international events, kids of this generation have taken a special liking to the sport and have been at it playing rallies in alleyways and streets. If you want your child to excel at this sport, getting them to take it up early is advisable as it helps them finetune their motor skills and improves their hand-eye coordination. And the best way to hone their skills, get them enrolled in summer crash courses that gets out the pro in them in under 30 days or less.  

4. Arts and Crafts

Studies show that engaging in artwork at a young age helps improve the visuo-spatial ability–the capacity to understand, reason and remember the spatial relations among objects or space. Getting your children to take up art is easy thanks to hundreds of art schools dedicated for kids and teens.