Top summer courses to enroll your kids this summer

The summer break is finally here, however, this is not the time for your high achieving kids to sit at home binge-watching Netflix, or lounging around the house. This is the perfect time to ensure that your kid engages in an educative venture that will not only nurture his/her talent but also keep him/her up to date with the ever-evolving world. This is the perfect time for your kids to learn new skills while also getting the time to rejuvenate their mind and body by engaging in something they love.  Many competitive colleges and institutions are taking up the challenges of offering some worthy courses which are beneficial to your kids since they help him/her decide a suitable career path. Below I have compiled a list of top summer courses which you can enroll your kid during this wonderful summer.


1. Business and entrepreneurship


An entrepreneur who is nurtured at a tender age has better chances of success compared to one who is learning the tricks at a later age. Enrolling your child for an entrepreneurship course will help him/her discover new and exciting business practices while also help him/her develop new ideas which can be applied in today’s competitive business world.


2. Robotics course:


This summer provides an excellent opportunity for your child to learn more about robotics.  Robotics is not going away any time soon, on the contrary, it is becoming part of our lives.  Under this field, your child can get to cradle the basic science behind the construction, operation and application of robots. Coding for sure is an art that touches not only the online technology but also offline technology.  Due to a steady rise in the number of technical industries looking for people with some coding experience, you can never be wrong by enrolling your kid for a coding crash course this summer. Enrolling a course in robotics will ensure that your kid gets introduced to the basic mechanics of the robots while also get to learn how to develop them. SP Robotics Maker Lab has launched India’s largest Robotics Summer Camp for kids of age 7 to 16+ across 27 cities in 60+ locations. Click to enroll now.

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3.Music Class


If you are an addict to listening to good music and have a wonderful playlist that you always listen to, then it might be a good chance for you to explore different musical instruments and turn into a budding musician. Music is something that has an unyielding obduracy of attracting the right people into it who have the capability to keep it immortal.


4. Art class


Every artist was first an amateur”

                                        -Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is an artist hidden amongst every one of us who lies buried unbeknownst even to our closed ones. Art is not defined to any particular field and it can be anything. The feeling we get when we create something for the world to see what was inside our mind is happiness unfathomable. This might be the time to explore the artist in you.


5. Software Class


The trend of attending software classes has been longstanding since the beginning of the 21st century. While JAVA has been consistent in attracting students, programs such as C and C++ are slowly being replaced by programs like Python. Arduino IDE is a very useful program which is used in single-board microcontrollers and finds application in RFID Access Control System, Robots and various machines.