Top Summer camp in Puducherry for children 2019

The tree-lined streets, mustard coloured colonial villas and chic boutiques always remind us that Pondicherry is a city full of passionate, optimistic and debonair citizens. And so are their children. Summer is approaching and summer camps are popping out of all places. The tricky part is to find the best camps for children to make their time useful and give them something to learn this summer. Below are the top Summer camps in puducherry for your child. This year SP Robotics Maker Lab has come up with the best five summer camps in Pondicherry this summer which are easily accessible and worth spending the time on.


1. Abacus classes


Abacus helps in better and faster calculation skills apart from enhancing the overall comprehension of maths. Children improve their problem-solving abilities. It also strengthens their mental visualisation skills. It instils self-confidence and helps them deal with simple practical problems in life. Enrolling children in these summer classes in puducherry helps them in improving their concentration.


2. Robotics summer camp


“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”

Science is a beautiful gift to humanity. Robotics is one of those very few branches of science that pervades in all other branches and has become inclusive in all major fields. The dependence on robotics is growing rapidly day by day. The upcoming generation faces a necessity to cope up with such advancing technologies to design the ways of our life in future. The scope of robotics in future is phenomenal. Hence we at SP Robotics through Maker Labs offer a range of courses in robotics like electronics camp, Internet Of Things (IoT) camp, Virtual Reality (VR) camp, robotics and advanced robotics camp to children of age 7 to 16 to make sure that they are guided into the right path of the future. Attending these courses also help children to know why they can take up robotics as a career. Enlist your children in one of these summer courses in puducherry today to help them improve their knowledge and skill sets this summer.


3. Swimming classes


Swimming is a good physical exercise and activates all major muscles in the body. It is a great recreation and also helps children to improve their cardiovascular fitness. Swimming primarily makes the heart and lungs strong. Children get an overall improved sleep after swimming. Learning swimming is also a safety lesson for kids. Enroll in the swimming camp now.


4. Chess classes


 Playing chess is one of the most effective ways to improve children’s mental fitness. Some studies show that it improves their intelligence quotient. It gives exercise to both sides of the brain. Improve your children’s thinking and problem-solving skills by enrolling in the summer camp in puducherry.


5. Skating classes


Among many physical activities, skating proves to be more fun for children while improving their physical health at the same time. It removes stress and improves children’s overall mood. It is a great sport for improving the balance, agility and coordination. Skating also improves muscle endurance significantly apart from increasing muscle strength.