Top Summer camp in Mumbai for children in 2019

The sultry summer weather of Mumbai gives a cue to parents that summer holidays are about to start for the children. They expect their children to spend quality time during the holidays to improve their skill sets and knowledge in any kind of extra-curricular activities. Enlisting children in genuine and useful summer camps is crucial. The camps must be fun to attend while at the same time they should feed some kind of knowledge to the students that will be useful in their life. SP Robotics Maker Lab has come up with the best five summer camp courses for children offered Mumbai this summer by keeping in mind that these classes are useful and accessible to you.


1. Lakeside camping:


Outdoor activities are always fun, especially when done with a group of friends. Camping helps children to bond with the nature and learn the basics of camping and survival. Children also learn to socialise through camping since it consists of a lot of group activities. It fosters in the children’s mind a sense of responsibility and improves their self-confidence. So, enroll your child in these summer camp in Mumbai to gain some real time nature experience.


2. Robotics summer camp


 Robotics has become inevitable in almost all the leading sectors of production, manufacturing, services to even entertainment industries. Robotics is a vast field of science that requires knowledge right from the fundamentals for children to excel in innovating technologies in future. Robotics course helps children to understand why they can take up robotics as a career in the future. They will learn a very important field of science in a fun and stress-free way. SP Robotics Maker Labs provides the best platform for children to help them become a better version of themselves by offering various courses like electronics camp, Internet Of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), robotics and advanced robotics classes this summer. After the completion of the course, children will have a sense of accomplishment and have a keen insight on robotics. Enlist your children in the top summer camp in Mumbai to make them spend quality time to build their future.


3. Sports camp


Any form of sports which extracts physical toil from the children is worth spending the time and money since it makes sure of their physical and mental well-being. It improves their self-discipline, self-confidence and team spirit. Children will surely find this as a great stress buster after these hectic examinations. Enroll in sports camp in Mumbai


4. Creative writing and grammar


English is a very important language in terms of both technical communication and lingua franca. Apart from regional languages learning English professionally helps children to work anywhere in the world without any obstacles.


5. Multi-activity camps:


These kind of camps are always fun since they are not monotonous and teach children more than one stuff. Art classes, clay modelling, gardening and film making are interesting ways to spend the summer. They bring out the hidden talents within the children and focus on the lighter side of life.