Top Summer Camp in Madurai for children 2019

The cultural capital of the state of Tamil Nadu is full of energetic people and is preparing itself for the sweltering heat of the summer. As the examinations are about to end and the holiday mood has already set on, parents are on the lookout for summer camps for their children. The summer camp courses at Madurai must inculcate important knowledge to the children but should be fun at the same time. Keeping these in mind, SP Robotics Maker Lab has come up with the best five summer camps in Madurai offered to the children. 


1. Yoga classes


One of the first and obvious benefits of yoga is improved flexibility. It improves muscle strength while not compromising on flexibility. Children develop bad posture due to insufficient training of the muscles and sitting in class for a long time. Yoga helps in regaining the correct posture. Yoga helps in increased blood flow resulting in better functions of the organs of the body. It is a very productive way to spend time on Yoga this summer and improve the overall mental and physical health. So, Enroll your child in the Summer Camp in Madurai


2. Robotics summer camp:


Robotics has become prevalent in all major walks of life and students mastering the technical nuances of robotics is seen as a key force in their chances of success in future. Children get to learn programming in a practical and fun way. They get a sense of accomplishment after the course. Children improve their self-confidence levels when they create something of their own. They are taught to be more creative and innovative thinkers. They are able to amalgamate different fields of engineering at a very young age and apply them in real life to solve a problem. Their problem solving ability is greatly improved. SP Robotics Maker Labs provides the perfect launch pad to help children improve their innovating skills in technology by offering a variety of courses to choose from. Make sure your children utilise this summer in a meaningful and productive way by attending these interesting courses in the summer camps in Madurai.


3. Drawing classes


Drawing is a fun activity and showcases the children’s creativity in the paper. Drawing improves the concentration since it demands consistent attention for hours. Children improve their imagination and mental visualisation skills in attending these classes. It is considered one way of expressing feelings. It brews positive emotions in young minds and leads to an optimistic mindset. The drawing also improves hand eye coordination. It is an excellent way to spend leisure time.


4. Art and craft classes


Art and craft classes are an opportunity for children to create new things. They start to think differently and innovate new things. Children learn patience through these classes which is very essential at this age. 


5. Western dance


Dance is an aerobic workout and increases muscle strength and endurance. It also helps with weight management. It leads to better coordination of the muscles, improved agility and flexibility. It is a fun way to spend the holidays while children also get to learn a new art.