Top 5 VR Gaming you can develop with Oculus.


Do you want to experience 3 Dimensional interactive gaming environment??


Well, this is an Essential part of the game and the imaginary world where everything comes into the action.

VR gaming is at a peak among all the students. It has been going mainstream for the past few years.

In the middle, there was lacking in VR because of the expensive headset and hence there wasn't much development. But you always know our game developers always find a loophole to bring the technology into the world. 

And that was OCULUS, a headset at an affordable price made the users happy.


So what's the technology behind this incredible  VR?


 Virtual Reality’s primary subject is to simulating the vision. It is a head-mounted display(HMD). The headset’s perfect aim is to deliver a real-world interaction with the users. The VR technology has two autofocus lenses which are placed between the screen and eyes.


What's the Demand for VR gaming?


 VR’s vision and audio effects are amazingly improved nowadays, and there is a lot of demand in the gaming field. To improve the technology with more new ideas and effects, these gaming companies are trying to give the best output for the VR users. And obviously, they are competing with other companies to deliver the best VR gaming. In such a case, there is a lack of demand for this particular field. So if your one among the imaginary world I guess your presence is needed in some gaming company.




 Oculus is a VR headset which stands between the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift. The difference is there is no necessity to attach the strap to your PC or necessity of memory space in your phone. Oculus go has access to its apps where you can explore. You can download the apps in. The other feature is, it has a spatial audio experience built right into the headset for stunning audio effect.



"Now let's Strap the Face and Grab the Controller !!!! "

 So finally the Oculus games have made people realize no matter where they are or what they’re doing it’s just making them experience VR in a most accessible way.

Here are the TOP 5 Best PortedNew Oculus game for you to download and experience them.



   Do you want to go fishing?


If you haven’t experienced it then guess this is a perfect game for you to enjoy your fishing. The   3 Dimension gives us a real-time water effect experience. They have used Bezier curves for fishing and that makes those colorful backgrounds, those attractive fishes. Beautiful locations give us a more intense feeling to play them. This is the easiest game to pick and play.


2. Coaster Combat

Do you want to twist and turns in your game??


Then guess this is the perfect game for you to experience different twist at an unexpected time and turns at the right time.

Why don't you fight your enemies?

Why don’t you challenge your friends to play against you? Wouldn't be fun?

The track construction using splines helps the game. Shooting the target of enemies with Raycast makes it more intense for the players to get deep into the game. With the UI elements the game has come up so well and the players are enjoying their gaming life.


3. Drop Dead

 Are you scared of Zombies???

Do you want to hit those fear out of you?


Just download the drop-dead app and start playing….

The splashing effect on shooting the zombies will just make all your fear vanish away...

N number of zombies, N number of bullets, N number of shooting, N number of fun.


4. End Space

  Do you want to think "out of the box" or "out of space"?


Here is an astonishing experience of space fights with the enemies. Those zero gravity navigation and the explosion effects on collision makes all the players think out of the space. Guess if you start playing this game, you wouldn't really be in this world.


5. Face Your Fears


 I Guess you would hesitate to fly again after playing this game!

Those dark backgrounds, lighting and audio effects makes you scared more than you ever imagined.

Face your fear is another VR game I wouldn't call this as fun but I would rather call it as the"best intense VR scary game". check out your fear by playing this game.


Hence as we spoke about the TOP 5 best PortedNew Oculus game for you, wouldn't you wish to learn and experience it? The VR experience is an unimaginable experience. There are a lot of places to learn about VR but choosing the right place to hold your skills is wise. Drop in your ideas and skill at SP ROBOTIC MAKER LAB. Let's learn and create your Imaginary world and kill your enemies.