Top 5 trending ideas to help you in revamping your smart home

Want to Revamp your house into smart home? Sounds exciting ?

Let’s dig in deep!

Being smart is always entertaining,Isn’t it? Let me give a brief note on what smart home is all about.

A quick question for you all!

How does a smart phone ease us out ?

Wondering how?  Well, with the help of Smart phones in our hand everything seems to be possible in just a click. It allows us Performing multiple functions in just a matter of seconds.

In simple definition. It’s called “ All in one single device”.  Imagine the same but not just with phone but linking all actions with your home. Don't you think it's pretty cool to  perform all the chores and controlling various gadgets with just a touch to your phone. All smart homes are controlled via smart phone applications and monitor home functions use wireless communication techniques.

How does Smart home work?

                   Classic smart home, Internet of things(IOT), cloud computing are the proposed advanced smart home integrated compound. IoT contributes towards the Internet connection and remote management of mobile appliances, incorporated with a variety of sensors.Smart homes are the residential extensions of building innovation and involves the control and automation of all its embedded technology. IOT enables the integration of objects into the Internet, establishing the connection between Humans and Gadgets .The cloud computing manages computing, storage, and communication resources that are shared by multiple users in a visualized and isolated environment.Smartness is the way ahead and IOT ensures your home gets refurbished accordingly.

Following are the top trending 5 Smart Home Innovations:

1. App controlled Smart Lights

Smart lights  is a lighting technology designed for energy efficiently.Lighting facilities are one among the most essential requirements for the current world. Controlling them without any physical trouble does make people lazy which being negative, but it will be of great assistance  for the physically challenged and for the aged ones, this being the brighter side of it. The sensors help in altering the brightness automatically according to the surrounding.

2) Smart  Security to lock your home

Lost the keys? NO worries! Because Smart Security is there to make your job easier in just a single tap from your phones. Just connect your locker with the IOT enabled Smart Phone and keep your place secured in a click.

Here again the technologies growth has developed so well that there is no necessity of keys to lock your home. There is no worries when you lose the keys or no necessity to break in the home door /windows. Smart securities make it so well and easy to keep your house safe at simple tap on your mobile phones.

Image Credits: TrustyJoe

3.Control Your Washing Machine Via Your Smart Phone.

 Are you a home maker with lot of responsibilities? Or Tired of running from one room to another to check them? Take a deep breath and Relax yourself,here is the Smart washing machine which makes your work more easier by updating the status on your smart phone. The machine is connected to the WIFI and makes the home a perfect life saver for all the women out there to make it a smart home.      

4.Smart Refrigerator.

Are you dancer? Do you wanna dance while cooking or are you music addict? Here is the  big Screen smartphone with 2-1 process. The internet refrigerator helps you to enjoy your cooking with your favorite music. 


It is also designed in a way that it sensors the stored product and tracks the conditions and notifies them. The refrigerator is connected to the music playlist on your phone. The Smart phone should be connected with your fridge via WIFI connectivity to make it a smart fridge.

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5.Smart TV.

Are you bored of watching YouTube, Netflix on phones,tablets and laptops were your charge drains out!!! And finally watching them again connecting your charger?

Let us give some peace for those gadgets.Here is the smart TV were you can watch everything just in swipe of left and right. The technologies are improvise were all the devices are connected to WIFI for easy access.What else do we need more?? A Smart TV with our favourite show with constant streaming.

         Thus concluding the top 5 trending ideas of smart home by saying, starting from the way we are gonna live our future life, from the fridge to your toilet seat, your smart home will be one of the integrated appliances and furniture. There are companies to help you to build your smart home. And if your more keen on how does it work or you want to learn about the technology to built your customized smart home. Here is were SP Robotics Maker Lab comes into the play. They help you on teaching how to build your own Smart Home using Internet of Things(IOT) technology - your Customized smart home with via learning course.

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