Can you build a 32 legged robot? Yes,you heard it right.

Researchers made a 32-legged robot that moves like an amoeba.A 32-legged robot called Mochibot.A 32-legged robot called Mochibot, the spherical robot moves by sliding its individual legs. This Bot's legs are composed of three sliding rails.These can extend to a maximum of 1.6 feet in length or shrink down to half that. It weighs 22 pounds including its batteries and could carry a payload in its central section.  

The Mochibot robot’s unusual shape is referred to as a rhombic triacontahedron with 32 vertices and 30 faces made of rhombuses. Mochibot can move in any direction with simple programming or even with an operator finger-tracing a route. Furthermore,if one leg fails, there are 31 others to pick up the position.

Mochibot is highly suited to unstable terrains like sand or loose rock. If the ground gives, it can just extend or contract its legs as needed to remain stable.

They have used complex Algorithms!!! Have you heard about this word "Algorithm"!! If you have finished the Expert Level, you might have known about it right? So in the fourth level, we build Quadroped which has 4 legs!! Learn how to frame algorithms with the Expert Level and build like 32 legged Robot!!

Source: IEEE Spectrum