The world needs next IRON MAN!!! Everything you need to know behind the Technology Involved!

Who is IRON MAN???

A man with an iron suit? Oh, not exactly.

Iron man has turned out to be the all time kids favourite hero.

And now after the recent fascinating movie ”THE AVENGERS” was out

Kids are going crazy because of the tragic ending as well as the hype behind who is going to be the Next Iron Man?

Excited to know? Read more!

Doesn’t it look cool !! Stunning right?

The Iron man character was build in a Comic book way long ago and the first appearance was made in 1963.

The sketches really made dreams among the kids and made a big impact among all ages and was turned into a movie in 2008. Where the fire within the character didn't really fade away.

So wondering what's that round light that is glowing on his chest?

It’s totally an out of the box thinking by the team. They have structured the outfit of Iron Man in such a way it look so powerful and cool at the same time.

The round light is called the Arc reactor. Basically the Power Supply to the suit in fun words.

"I told you, I don’t want to join your super secret boy band"- Iron Man 

Yes, Iron Man suit is just not made for attending some shows or joining a band. Its for something HUGE!

Iron Man used the suit to save the world from enemies. The suit includes advanced technology devices which can be done in real life like heat sensors, bomb detectors, voice recogniser etc. But still we need a Hero to control it right?

Here is where IRON MAN comes to the play!

How many SUPERHEROES did you come across from childhood?????

Can you recall & count them?

Most of the hero’s had their own super suit. Each suit has their own power with advanced technology. Starting from our all time favourite BATMAN to our recent inspiring IRON MAN, each superhero has their own unique way in grabbing the attention of the audience.

Do you remember Parker? The web guy!! 

The one who uses his wrist to shoot webs and hold the enemies. 

YES!! The Spider Man. 

Did you know Iron man has built super cool suit for Spider man ?If not guess you have to check out the“Avengers: Infinity War” movie. Every hero has his age to retire.They aren’t a vampire to lead an immortal life. So here is the BIG SURPRISE  

Who is the next IRON MAN?


Rightly said, it’s the Web man “Spider man

And that's the sole reason Iron man has built him a Suit.

Some of the Internet of things(IOT) technologies are used in our superheroes suits and there are real time achievements too. Wanna learn about it, then get into Robotics journey where you can learn and build your own superhero suit and become a hero among your friends.

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