All week long, I have quite covered only about our participants who were getting their robots ready for the weekend’s event. But, what I had failed to cover was the round the clock work by a brigade of planners who are quite as enthused as the participants themselves are of the upcoming weekend. These faces who I am quite familiar with have actually been quite absent in my vicinity all week long. Why? Because they’ve been running from pillar to post getting the arrangements for the venue and the permissions for the venue ready. In every event that is ever hosted, the most visible part is the staging area where all the hullabaloo occurs. What is often missed is the effort put by the planners and executors who often remain on the sidelines. It is upon the foundation of their efforts rests the success of the entire event.

As I enter our “meeting room”; the room with arguably the hardest door, I realize I landed right in the middle of an intense discussion between a group of the aforementioned familiar faces. The meeting has been in progress for over an hour now and it shows no signs of dispersing within the next hour. I glance upon the sheet of paper that has been held by Mani, our key planner, and notice quite a long list of issues on the agenda for today’s meeting. The group seems to have discussed everything from mike sets to refreshments to camera men and there are not many  details left to iron out before the meeting ends. Such is the proficiency and street smartness of the team behind the planning of the event. While all seems fine, I ask Shaikh how confident he is, his answer evokes a very mixed response from me. Says Shaikh ”We are well prepared for every aspect of the event except for what surprise nature can throw at us.” I share his concern as well, for even a rain on the previous night could still impact the outcome of the event with bad lighting or puddles on the staging area. Well, there’s nothing much left to do from our side except to keep our fingers crossed and play the waiting game with nature itself.

Fingers Crossed ! !

Happy Roboting ! ! 

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