Top Summer Camp in Nashik for kids 2019

Summer is acute at Nashik. Parents find it very difficult to keep their children at home since they would wish to while away their time these holidays on TV, play stations and laptops. They want their children to learn something useful apart from their curriculum so that they will develop their own uniqueness and stand apart from a crowd. Hence we at SP Robotics Maker Lab have come up with the best five courses offered in the city for children aged around 7 to 16 this summer. These courses are easily accessible within the city and are worth spending the time on.  Read the blog to know more about the top summer camps in Nashik 2019


1. Sports and fitness club


Sports not only help in improving the physical health but also improve the mental health of children by acting as a stress-buster. Children develop social skills by blending in with other children of the same age and learn the importance of team spirit, hard work, appreciation and the habit of not giving up. It teaches them discipline and punctuality as well. After working out children will be active throughout the day and get proper sleep at night. Since these classes are not all-day long they give space for children to spend the rest of the day on other things as well. Join sports summer camp in Nashik.


2. Robotics summer camp


Robotics is a vast and one of the most applied fields of science today from industries to entertainment. It is becoming an indomitable field of study as the future of technologies is clearly dependent on it. It is pivotal that children are fed with the right kind of knowledge apart from their curriculum which ensures their chances of success in any profession they take up in future. Since robotics has a huge scope in the future, children learning the fundamentals from the grassroots level puts them at an advantage among others. SP Robotics through Maker Labs offers the right set of courses to children like electronics camp, Internet Of Things (IoT) camp, Virtual Reality (VR) camp, robotics and advanced robotics camp. Here children can learn all these courses with complete fun while at the same time they will have something to take back after the course is over. Join Robotics Summer Camp now!


3.Adventure Camps


Adventure camps pump up the adrenaline and prove to be great fun. Activities like rock climbing, kayaking, tent camping, rafting and hiking are a great physical exercise and they teach children the importance of living in harmony as a society and helping each other out. Children develop self-confidence after these camps and become more aware of their surroundings. They get an opportunity to connect with nature. Join the adventure summer camp in Nashik.


4. Abacus classes


Abacus helps improve children’s problem-solving abilities. It helps in faster calculation skills. In recent times, concentration has been a major hurdle in children’s life. Hence these classes eliminate that hurdle by significantly improving their concentration. Enroll in summer courses in Nashik.


5. Music classes


There might be a budding musician hiding inside your child. Good music lightens the heart and soul. This summer might be the right time in helping them to explore their interests in music. Learn music in summer camp now.