Summer camp for kids of age 7 to 16+ in Bengaluru

Parents and kids in Bangalore will be spoilt for choice this summer break as the city comes up with an impressive list of summer camps. Contrary to traditional summer camps which were kind of restricted to singing, dancing and painting activities, the modern summer camps in Bangalore are a fun filled with activities which are incomplete rhyme with the modern technical world. These modern camps serve as the incubating center where kids get to discover their areas of interest while also gaining the required confidence to face the world.  Below are some of the exciting summer camps in Bangalore where you can enroll your child.


1. Baichung Bhutia Football schools


This is a summer camp with an emphasis on training young kids from the age of 5-15 years the overall development of basic football skills.  The intensive training session of 3 hours per week also insists on the emphasis on all-round personality development through football fitness and also wonderful nutrition lessons.


2.Robotics summer camp


This is a summer camp ideal for those kids who are always fascinated by robots. The summer camp which accommodates kids of ages 7 to 16+ years gives them a chance to understand the basic of robotics while also helping them develop models through a hands-on approach. SP Robotics Maker Lab which is situated in 7 different locations in Bangalore has courses which are structured based on age criteria. In each program, the students will be exposed to an array of problem statements, object-oriented programming, and debugging, logical thinking and not but not least, building their own Robot.  The young talented minds will also learn more about being creative, teamwork, team management and other related things.


3. Folktale fun- a creative writing program


This creative writing workshop invites children to be creative by helping them develop particular storytelling skills. The young minds will also be taught on how to write stories of their own modeled on the folktale genre while also exploring other wonderful genres including cumulative tales, trickster tales among many others.


4. Spirit of dance


The age bracket of this summer camp is 7-14 years.  The 15-day summer workshop program is for all children who want to learn the different styles of dancing.  Kids can also get to perfect themselves in the different categories being offered. Enrolling your kid in the spirit of dance summer camp will help them in gaining enough confidence when performing on stage at any given opportunity. Also due to their dedicated teachers and choreographers children will get to learn different dances while also having fun at the same time.


5.Camper’s creek summer camp 2019


This 2-day summer camp accommodates young people between the ages of 9 years to 14 years. Here kids step out and get to immerse in nature walking, tree planting, cooking, trekking while also exploring. Enrolling your child at this summer camp can serve as the perfect way of him/her creating new friends while also getting to know more about nature.