Summer Camp for Kids age 7 to 16+ in Thane

Thane –the city of lakes is already bustling with parents looking out for esteemed summer camp classes to send their children. Summer camps prove to play a significant role in helping the children improve their skill sets in various fields. It is important to choose wisely the kind of summer camps that students need to go to. The primary objective of the summer classes must be to inculcate any form of knowledge to the students while keeping them entertained and creating a constant curiosity to learn new things. Keeping these things in mind SP Robotics has come up with the top five summer camp choices in the city which are useful and easily accessible.


1. Skating classes


Skating classes are very famous in Thane. Like any other sports activity, skating also helps in improving physical fitness and improves concentration. The confidence level increases significantly and the eye-hand-leg coordination also improves. The release of endorphins during skating regulates the mood and generates a feeling of well-being.


2. Robotics summer camp


Robotics is pervasive in our everyday life yet overlooked. Robotics plays a significant role and has a vast purview over all walks of life. Learning the fundamentals of robotics at a young age helps children get enlightened at this vital but unexplored area of science. SP Robotics Maker Lab's summer camps for children offers the right set of courses like electronics, Internet Of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced robotics summer camp classes to help kids see the bigger picture of future. Enlist your children in one of the courses offered so that they get hands-on experience and have the opportunity to build their own robots. They also get to take back a plethora of knowledge on robotics after completing the course.


3. Cookery


Cooking is not just for girls. We see fitness models and movie stars cooking their own food as they care about their nutrition and hygiene. Cooking without fire are techniques that help children cook food independently without any fear from parents. The emotional benefits of cooking are myriad. Therapeutic cooking is a part of treatment to people with mood disorders. The greatest benefit is cooking gives children a reward at the very end.


4. Star gazing


Astronomy is a very interesting subject. Stargazing is definitely fun when we do that with peers. Students get to learn about the planetary movements, asteroids and comets in general. It alleviates stress, increases happiness and gives children a new perspective on life. The whole world feels still as if time has stopped. Children learn to appreciate things for what they really are.


5. Craft classes


Craft classes bring out the hidden creativity within the students. They might not have had the opportunity to explore their talents amidst the hectic schedule of examinations. When children are made to perform on a stage, their stage-fear slowly fades away thereby improving their self-confidence level significantly. This summer might be the perfect time to explore their talents in art and craft.