Summer Camp for Kids age 7 to 16+ in Pune

The sprawling city of Pune is all set for the summer this year. Children are looking forward to leisurely spend their holidays. Summer camps are a great way to improve their competence in various fields, but camps must be careful about not eliminating the fun part. Enrapturing the interest of the children is of paramount importance as their willingness to learn new things is necessary to teach them effectively. After thorough research, SP Robotics Maker Lab has come up with the top five summer camps to send your children this summer.


1. Trekking


Pune sits on the catbird seat since the terrain on the outskirts contributes to numerous outdoor activities like trekking, rock climbing and camping. Trekking improves the physical health of children immensely. Trekking with other children creates social benefits such as becoming lifelong friends. Trekking also gives a unique insight into the ecosystem of the place.


2. Robotics summer camp


 Technological pioneers anticipate robotics to take over most of our day to day activities in the near future. This vast field of science needs to be inculcated in the minds of the children to give them an upper hand to dominate this inevitable and fast growing domain. SP Robotics Maker Labs provides the perfect launch pad to help children realise their vision. With a wide range of courses offered to children such as electronics, Internet Of Things (IOT), Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced robotics camp summer classes SP Robotic Maker Lab makes sure the children have the option to choose the course of their choice and learn in a fun way. Tap this opportunity to get a hands-on experience and obtain a profusion of knowledge on robotics.

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3. Martial arts


Almost all children like to practice martial arts. Martial arts teach children basic self-defence and teach them self-discipline, punctuality and confidence. It greatly improves their physical fitness. Martial arts teach children great morals and values. Children are automatically moving towards a healthier lifestyle and improved cardiovascular health. Martial arts relieve stress, anxiety and improve the overall mood of the children.


4. Music Academy


“Without music life would be a mistake”

                                                   -Friedrich Mietzche

This summer might be the time to explore the budding musician inside the children. Music is a great way to find peace and relax oneself. Music bolsters brain power and cultivates patience and confidence. Research shows social cohesion and positive attitude towards other people is improved on exposure to music consistently. Playing music acts as a mood regulator at the same time fosters a sense of community.


5. Foreign Languages


People who learn many languages have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. It not only helps while travelling, but it also improves multi-tasking skills, sharpens the mind and provides children with better career choices in future. Children can communicate across linguistic barriers. Bilingualism is an important skill required to cope up with the global economy. This summer might just be the time for children to learn those new languages.