Summer Camp for Kids age 7 to 16+ in Navi Mumbai

Summer is the time when parents are trying to find a way to tame the wild and overly playful children by enlisting them in summer camp classes to focus their energies on the proper channel. These camps must be aimed at bringing out the hidden talents within the students. There may be hundreds of classes being conducted but finding the class which best suits the children is always a Herculean task. At SP Robotics we have come up with the best five summer camp classes which are conducted within the city and accessible to everyone.


1. Indian culture and heritage classes


Get away from the mundane chores and reconnect with our culture and heritage this summer. These camps teach us the traditional way of life and the lifestyle and social practices of our ancestors. The traditional games and dances of our country will also be taught. It is high time that this forgotten path is rediscovered by our future generation.


2. Robotics summer camp


There are very few camps which are fun but at the same time impart children with proficient knowledge which will palpably help them become a better version of themselves. Robotics teaches students to interlink two or more different branches and amalgamates them to arrive at a solution to the problem set out before them. It gives them a sense of achievement at the end of the course when they gain the confidence to create something from scratch. SP Robotics Maker Lab proffers different courses in robotics such as electronics, Internet Of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced robotics summer camp classes for children of age 7 to 16. Children get to understand the basic working of components and their integration with hands-on experience. Enrol in one of these courses so the kids get to deluge in one of the most significant domains leading the world.


3. Foreign language skills


Learning foreign languages such as Spanish, French or Japanese puts children at an advantage in future when they have the option to communicate with anyone without any linguistic barriers. Language classes are always fun and they are worth spending our time to learn too.


4. Organic gardening


Children know food only from their plate and not from how it is produced. By enlisting in these classes, children know the importance of food by learning how it is produced and also the safe and organic way of growing them. It also teaches them the basic geography and botany practically which they read in books at school.


5. Media and story-telling:


Is your child talkative? Does he/she always daydream? This camp might be a great way to convert all those things into useful story-telling and creative contents. Stories are always fun to hear and your child maybe a budding author or director. This might be the time to explore the talent within them.