Summer Camp for Kids age 7 to 16+ in Hyderabad

The semi-arid Hyderabad hints at summer nearing and conceives ideas in the minds of parents about sending their children to useful summer classes instead of seeing them as a couch potato in front of a TV or computer. Summer camps must inculcate some kind of moral, social or technical values in their courses. The children must have something to take back with them after the camp. They should also not fail to be fun and stir the interest to learn and explore new things. By keeping these in mind, SP Robotics Maker Lab has come up with the five best options for summer classes in Hyderabad.


1. Sports Camp


Any sports activity is a great outlet for children who always wish to stay indoors and spend their time on electronic gadgets and computers. Physical activity makes them fit and creates discipline, team spirit and the will to never give up. It also builds their confidence. This summer might be the perfect time for children to enrol in any sport.


2. Robotics summer camp


Robotics is an amalgamation of many fields like electronics, mechanics and computing. Robotics is pervasive in our lives without our knowledge. The scope of robotics in the near future is sky high since all manual labours are slowly being replaced by robots. Children automatically gain knowledge on various fields interlinked with robotics once they begin to learn the fundamentals. Also creating a robot on your own is fun! Being one of the largest and most awarded robotics companies, SP Robotics Maker Labs tries to spread the plethora of knowledge on robotics to young minds of age 7 to 16. They offer different courses such as electronics, Internet Of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced robotics camp classes. Enlist your children in one of these classes to help them to realise the joy of innovating new technologies.


3. Art and craft


Art and craft throw light on the creative and lighter side of life. These camps bring out patience and creativity primarily. Children would be asked to write a monologue in six different ways or paint something that represents a memory. Since kids come out of their comfort zone and perform on stage it builds self-confidence in them. It focuses on the students’ energies into creating or learning some art instead of being wasted on pointless things. 


4. Creative writing


Are your children bookworms? Can’t they just get enough out of reading books? Do they like to write as well? If so, then these kind of summer camps are ideal for your kids. From being a budding writer to professionally learning to write, this platform provides with a great experience and knowledge.


5. Music classes


 A good music lightens the heart and soul. Some children aspire to become musicians right from a young age by giving parents subtle hints about their interests. They can be provided with the opportunity by enlisting in these classes.