Summer Camp for Kids age 7 to 16+ in Chennai

The scorching heat of Chennai reminds parents that the summer holidays are about to come. For children summer just means lazing around, watching TV and afternoon slumbers. While parents want their children to spend their time in a useful way, children can still get the best of both worlds by indulging themselves in summer camp classes which turn out to be fun while at the same time not failing to impart them with some form of knowledge. SP Robotics Maker Lab has come up with the top five summer camps for children this summer.


1. Language Skills


Language is an expression of our thoughts in words. Good communication skills are necessary to understand, express and socialise with people. Good command in English has become inevitable to survive in the technological world.  These camps include creative writing, script writing and public speaking to give the children some important skills to take back.


2. Robotics Summer Camp


Robotics is a vast field of study which takes a major chunk of technological innovations and hegemonizes the science world. Learning robotics at the grassroots level right from childhood gives children precedence over their fellow peers. It gives them a vision on why they can take up robotics as a career in future. SP Robotics Maker Lab not just gives you the cause but also the course of action. A range of courses such as electronics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR) is offered in robotics to students of age 7 to 16. The advanced robotics camp teaches expert designing and even the programming of walking robots! These courses give children a building sense of accomplishment. Tap this opportunity with hands-on experience and help invoke the passion within them.


3. Nature Camps


The outskirts of Chennai help children to reconnect with nature and understand the natural way of life. It is high time children realised the harm caused by humans to nature in the path of development. These camps instil social awareness and responsibility among students. Parents can enlist their children in these camps which provide unforgettable trekking, rock climbing and nature walk experiences.


4. Kids theatre club summer camp


 Some children are more expressive by nature and extroverts by nature than others. Theatre club summer camps are a great way to focus their natural skills and bring out the actor in them. These activities also teach students the importance of team spirit, coordination and confidence. It also helps them overcome their stage fear.


5. Chennai surf camp


The coastal areas of Chennai are a perfect spot for water sports. Surfing and stand-up paddling are very good exercises. Physical activities play a vital role in the overall health of children and any form of physical activity is good. Children can explore their adrenal instincts by joining these classes.