Can you help disabled people using Robotics? Learn how.

A standard wheelchair can only be front-mounted. While sitting, say in a couch, bed or chair, a person’s body rests on the back with the front side being free. This device allows users to board from the back without the assistance of others, providing greater independence.

It has as a joystick and remote control just like the one in the Beginner Level that allows the user to take his/her own path. The user can send the device away and call it back using the remote control when needed.
Not many devices can lift the user to a fully upright position but this Robot holds the user in an upright position while leaving his hands free – allowing the user to perform daily tasks such as cooking, washing dishes, ironing, etc. Take a look at the video below
So go ahead and build your smart motorized standing movement device today with the skills you have gained in the course.