It’s the week of the most awaited event at Kidobotikz and the place is a beehive of activity. With less than 5 days to go for the world record event, the evenings have usually witnessed a mass influx of student coming here with their robots to get them ready and record-worthy. It’s 10 past 6 and I enter the training room only to find that the room is deserted with all the usual buzz absent. Turns out rain played spoilsport and took a toll on this evening’s attendance. Yet all this doesn’t seem to have deterred one particular kid. I strike up a conversation with him to find out his name and what he’s up to. He introduces himself as Koushik and says he’s from Jawahar Vidyalaya. He’s here to get his robot ready for the world record event. A class 8th grader is all he is and yet he has already covered a lot of ground in the area of robotics. He has completed his “Advanced”-level at Kidobotikz.

Still tightening the screws on his ATV robot, he tells me that he has participated in a lot of national level robotic events and even won a couple of Robo races. I ask him what his desire lies and he says he wants to pursue Mechanical Engineering much to my surprise. 

Back in the lobby I meet two younger gentlemen who are awaiting to be picked by their parents after completing the assembly of their robot. Both of them are in class 7 and are here to take part in the World Record event too. Meet Shravan and Pranav Balaguru. Juniors to Koushik here at Kidobotikz, the two of them have assembled a wired ATV robot for the event. These are just 3 of the many hundreds of robotics aficionados that  throng the campus of kidobotikz for the world record event. Stay tuned for more such exciting stories.

Happy Roboting!

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