Can you play throw ball using Quadcopters?

Now you can play your favorite and most common game "Throw ball" using technology! yes, here is a quadrocopter that is used for throwing and catching balls. This is done by enabling a fleet of circularly arranged quadrocopters to throw and catch balls with a net.  A rich set of challenging tasks has been recently demonstrated in the below video.

To toss the ball, the quadrocopters accelerate rapidly outward to stretch the net tight between them and launch the ball up. Notice in the video that the quadrocopters are then pulled forcefully inward by the tension in the elastic net, and must rapidly stabilize in order to avoid a collision. Once recovered, the quadrotors cooperatively position the net below the ball in order to catch it.

This is a real-time trajectory generation for multiple vehicles, and operating at high pitch and roll angles. Three quadrocopters attached to a net. Three retro-reflective markers are attached to each vehicle, allowing the system to determine the vehicle pose. The ball, shown lying in the net, is also retro-reflective to be visible to the motion tracking system. The vehicles are placed equally distributed on a circle around the net center. Now build your own with the knowledge of construction and control that you have gained in the Expert and Beginner level

Source: Robohub