The best thing about being part of a startup is that there’s a lot of excitement built into the job. The groundbreaking work that is done everyday, the discovery of new opportunities and most importantly, the satisfaction of bringing about a change in young children.

When all this is going on, you don’t get to sit back and reflect on what you are doing, where you’re from or where all this would take you. You’re driven by pure passion. The only time you realise is when your accomplishments are lauded by others.. And when you happen to carve a name for yourself in this event, it is a valid authentication of the fact that you are treading on the right path, a path that has been chartered by you alone. 

We at Kidobotikz have been nominated for several startup battlefields and startup-expos over the years. However, we usually don’t pay attention to them because our focus is on our products and the kids. However, when this nonchalance actually fetches us a title, that’s when the reality hits hard and makes us sit up and amaze at the impact we have created.

Yes, it did. It gives us great pleasure to announce that Ms.Sneha Priya, CEO, SP Robotic Works has been conferred with the prestigious WE17 Award of “Iconic Women Creating a better world for all” at the Annual Women Economic Forum in New Delhi.

The Annual Women Economic Forum gathered women leaders in various walks of life from over 100 countries in New Delhi. The event which was filled with conferences and keynote lectures was held  between 8th to 13th May. 

Featuring over 520 sessions and workshops under the overall bold theme of “Women: Creating, Innovating, Understanding and Driving the Future”, the event saw several successful women leaders elaborating their paths to success.

In addition to the aforementioned dignitaries; companies, institutions and startups also took part in the event and contributed their ideas and initiatives. Some of the bigwigs from the world of technology such as Facebook, Google, and many start-ups from diverse fields like 3D printing, genomics, etc; were also a part of the event.

Among the hundreds of national and international dignitaries who had graced the event were Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Railways and Mr. Thawar Chand Gahlot, Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment. Several ministers from other nations had also taken part in the event.

The award was feted out to Ms. Sneha Priya, CEO, Kidobotikz. 

While the love for robotics transcends genders, it is a field that has certainly seen marked shift with several women entrepreneurs entering the fray! 

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