This SmartRobot can pickup everything you left on the floor. Learn how.

This robot that can automatically pick up all of those balls for you, making post-match cleanup quick, easy, and convenientTennibot is the only robotic or autonomous solution that can pick up balls while you are playing. Tennibot perfectly integrates computer vision and artificial intelligence to save tennis players, coaches, and tennis clubs from wasted time and effort.


This TenniBot for the tennis court reportedly uses high-tech sensors, object detection, and artificial intelligence to identify tennis balls and quickly sweep them up. It is designed to move around both hard and clay courts at speeds of 1.4 miles per hour and can hold up to 80 balls at a time. An on-board battery offers up to five hours of operation on a single charge and requires 90 minutes to recharge before it is ready to go again.

An app is in development for the TenniBot  that will allow players to set boundaries for where the robot will operate during a practice session or game. The app provides an outline of the court and users simply select the zones where they want the robot to concentrate. Once activated, it will go about its work completely on its own, although the app – which will be available for iOS, Android, and AppleWatch – gives users the ability to manually steer the Tennibot, too.

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Source: Indiegogo