It’s been 3 days since the World Record was set and the excitement here at Kidobotikz has still barely come down. For it not often that you witness a world record, much less be a part of it yourself. It was an absolute stunner of an event. The event was a spectacle for everyone who was there to witness it and it was kind of a see it to believe it event.

It is an absolute pleasure as I rekindle my memories of that day. The morning was rather a pleasant one at Bessy with all of us assembling there well before daybreak. With some time spent in arranging the stage and the tables for the stage, we awaited the arrival of students. Kids with all their early morning blues notwithstanding, were themselves punctual as we witnessed a strong entry of student just before dawn. Within a matter of 10~15 minutes all of them had arrived with their parents and were dressed in their Kidobotikz tees. Just as the sun’s orange rays filled the sky, it was a sea of blue at bessy in front of the actual sea.

As soon as the emcee arrived and registration began, all the students got registered and made a beeline to the makeshift assembly line. For the next half hour, the assembly line was a magician’s den as the kids started fashioning a full fledged ATV robot from scratch. There was absolute bonhomie among the kids as they raced against each other and time to get the robots completed. The entire process activity of getting the robots to foolproof working condition took the kids less than half hour. When the final student had completed his robot, it was just 32 minutes 16 seconds and the world record was set.

With this record set, the onus was for the next section of the event where all the assembled on the sand to ride their bots in a rally. 103 robots as against the originally envisaged 101 were assembled in a line on the beach and were rallied across the sand. By 7.50 AM the last bot was past the finish line bringing the curtains down on a memorable event. This was followed by a barrage of questions from onlookers and personnel from media. For the uninitiated, this record was one that they hadn’t fathomed in the wildest of their dreams. As the news of this event flowed across the city, the news started appearing on quite a few forums and the news is still making waves across the city.

Congrats to the kids’ efforts and their parents’ support.

Happy Roboting ! !

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