Maker of the Month: Manishka Dubey

Hello Makers! 

After an exciting and vigorous search, we have finalized a champion from our vast community of makers for the month of February 2022, who has done a wide variety of projects at a very young age.

After a lot of consideration and observation through your entries, we finally found a Maker whose projects stood out from the crowd, and the title for the Maker of the Month February 2022 goes to none other than our very own Winner of Junior NCRC 2022: Manishka Dubey.

Manishka Dubey is a Maker Lab student from Dehradun, Indira Nagar Colony from a beautiful state called "DEV BHOOMI" Uttarakhand. Her Ambition is to become the youngest Astronaut Scientist and Drone pilot from India. Manishka is strongly inspired by Kalpana Chawala the First woman of Indian origin to go to space and the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Her motto in life is also inspired by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's statement “You have to dream before the dream comes true”. Her hobbies are exploring different fields in technology, playing basketball, and playing the ukelele (Musical instrument). 

Let's have a look at some of the fabulous achievements, she has achieved at such a young age:

# 1st Place Winner of NCRC 2022 (National Coding and Robotics Challenge) in the Junior category by SP Robotic Works 

# 1st Rank in Open National competition by MAATS MENTAL ARITHMETIC & ABACUS ALL INDIA TALENT SEARCH  PVT. LTD 2021-22

# 2nd Place winner in NCRC 2020 and Open National Competition in Robotics and Abacus.

# Youngest Participant in Drone Competition, held in IIT BOMBAY Techfest 2020. 

# Youngest innovator in Technoxian World Robotic Championship,2019 Delhi.

Apart from this, she has also participated in a Visual competition for Abacus, a Guinness World record for the largest Human Image, and also won the champion trophy in an International Abacus Tournament. Let's have a look at some of her astounding projects,

Manishka is a very vibrant, innovative, and versatile child at her school. She is a creative learner who likes to think out of the box. She enjoys exploring new concepts and bringing them to life. She is a diligent maker who likes to connect her learning with her day-to-day experiences. She loves her family more than anything. According to Manishka "Robotics is a vast field with a vast scope for development. She believes what we have achieved is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to achieve, innovate, learn and unleash". Apart from that, she is a big-time Marvel fan, her favorite superhero is Iron Man, and her dreams are to make her very own AI assistant like Jarvis/Friday.

We wish you achieve all your dreams and make us proud Manishka!

So do you want to be the next Maker of Month?

Here are the 4 easiest steps to be followed if you wish to win the award:

Step 1: Be active in the SPRW Community & App 

SPRW conducts various contests via its app and Facebook pages. Regularly check the SPRW app and the SP Robotics Facebook page for all conducted contests and events.

Step 2: Build a robot just in case

Well, this is the fun part. Just build robots according to the criteria specified in the problem statement. Well, you are also welcome to display your creativity in terms of the features or components used in the robots. If you make maximum use of the components from your kits, you get special brownie points during the selection process.

Step 3: Shoot the Robot- with a camera!

Well, your robot needs to be evaluated by us for you to win. So, take a video of the robot and its features and compile them into a short crisp video. Since it is going to be a monthly event, you are supposed to stick to the deadline. Oh yes, we almost forgot! Share the video with us. Just ensure that the videos are shot in a well-lit environment for the robot to appear in its resplendent form! Also, make sure you have submitted 3 or more self projects within the span of 30 days

Step 4: Patience earns goodwill!

This is the hard part. We know you will be bristling with excitement after submitting the video. We also appreciate that you will be eager to know how you fared. But, you gotta wait until we screen through all the submissions and finally declare you the winner!

Happy Roboting !!!