Maker of the Month: Aswin Kannappan


We are glad to inform all the MAKER OF THE MONTH - DECEMBER EDITION (2020)

After going through a lot of student profiles, we were astounded to find someone who had been doing really good quality projects which proved that quality matters more than quantity !! 

For sure he has earned the Maker of the Month: ASWIN KANNAPPAN .

He is one of the best students from Bangalore, JP Nagar Lab. He has done 7 projects, which are very unique, interesting as well as innovative !!

He is very much interested in Technology and also learns that with deep enthusiasm. In his leisure time , he used to make self projects and he also got many prizes in Sports conducted by his school. He is very active student and also  presented his electronic and robotics projects in school. 

He ambition is to become a "SCIENTIST".

Above is his one of the best project entitled "Radar mounted vehicle" .It is used for military and defense purpose. This is also an auto pilot vehicle which works on Voice, Remote,Terminals and buttons.

Kudos to Aswin Kannappan for all his efforts and hard work!!

Let's congrats Aswin Kannappan for being so enthusiastic in the community and have become the "Maker of the Month for December 2020".

So do you want to be the next one?

Here are the 4 easiest steps to be followed if you wish to win the award: 

Step 1: Be active on the SPRW app

SPRW conducts various contests via its app and facebook pages. Regularly check the SPRW app and the SP Robotics facebook page for all conducted contests and events.

Step 2: Build a robot just in case

Well, this is the fun part. Just build robots according to the criteria specified in the problem statement. Well, you are also welcome to display your creativity in terms of the features or components used in the robots. If you make maximum use of the components from your kits, you get special brownie points during the selection process.

Step 3: Shoot the Robot- with a camera!

Well, your robot needs to be evaluated by us for you to win. So, take a video of the robot and its features and compile them into a short crisp video. Since it is going to be a monthly event, you are supposed to stick to the deadline. Oh yes, we almost forgot! Share the video with us. Just ensure that the videos shot in a well-lit environment for the robot to appear in its resplendent form!

Step 4: Patience earns goodwill!

This is the hard part. We know you will be bristling with excitement after submitting the video. We also appreciate that you will be eager to know how you fared. But, you gotta wait until we screen through all the submissions and finally declare you the winner!

Happy Roboting !!!