To survive we need some basic few elements, without them we cannot survive.

So let me ask you a question what are the 5 ELEMENTS OF NATURE??

Do you remember them?


Let me say it Water, Fire, Land, Air and Sky.

Without these BASIC ELEMENTS, we are no more.

So when you think about the current situation which matches Chennai is Water!!! 

Yes, Water goes into much demand in recent days and especially in Chennai it’s just very hard to survive without water. 


You might have a lot of questions arising in your mind?  

Where is the mistake happening? How do I work on it? What’s the solution?? Will it work out?


Now relax and let me explain how you can save water.


Firstly, whats the mistake happening in our daily life. when you switch on the motor you forget to switch them off and what happens? Water overflowing and goes waste. So you should first start saving water from your home and the rest will be put on place.


Lacking in planning and education among humans are the other mistakes for the demand of water and especially the most important is the negligence.


How do I work on it?

 Planning and executing the right method in the right way will always make it work. So you might think what is the right method? How do I know? Where do I search? The right and the best method to save water is via the Internet Of Things (IOT ) 


What’s the solution??

The potential tool to help, understand and tackle this problem is the Internet of Things (IOT), the trend of embedding sensors and wireless connectivity into common devices.

You might also think is this some critical method or will it be difficult to put them into action. But when you start doing it, you will find this as the easiest method to resolve the biggest water crisis issue.


Do you know? One of the biggest water scarcity challenges can easily be resolved with IoT. It could solve the issue exactly knowing where to repair and improve. Sensors can provide a more precise understanding of water flows and help prioritize improvements. A simple sensor and actuator to detect when a pipe has busted can shut off the water immediately without any wastage of overflow. When this can happen in a simple man's individual house why can’t we do it all over Chennai? Isn’t it possible? 

The answer would always be YES. It just takes more of responsibilities and planning to execute to save water. You might also think is it going to cost more? Will I be able to afford it? The answer is again Yes. This is a simple basic less cost method to save water. IOT is always been and is going to be a lifesaver in almost all the field. It’s helping out women by designing the smart home so that they don’t need to stress out there household activities. And above all now for the society “TO SAVE WATER”

Rain water harvesting in IOT.

Rain water harvesting  via  IOT can be developed using the Arduino micro controller which is economy and its performance is high.The Ultra sonic sensor, stepper motor, water level sensor and the rain water sensor has been connected along with the Arduino micro controller. Whenever the rain water has been drizzled on the rain water sensor, a door attached to the big pit will be opened and the gate will raise up.All the information generated by the sensor will be forwarded to the computer which has been connected to the device.

So concluding, IOT can help and address the complex challenges with a simple and easy solution even for a simple man to execute. That’s how IOT keeps helping in day to day life.

Now come forward…Do you want to make a change by helping yourself and society?


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