The beauty of being part of a startup is that there’s a lot of excitement built into the job. The groundbreaking work that is done everyday, the changing nature of the market, the discovery of new opportunities and most importantly, the satisfaction of bringing about a change in young children.

When all this is going on, you don’t get to sit back and reflect on what you are doing or where would this take you. You do it just out of passion. The only time you get to evaluate all of these and observe upon them is when you are invited to an event where you get to square off against other startups. And when you happen to carve a name for yourself in this event, it is a valid authentication of the fact that you are treading on the right path, a path that has been chartered by you alone. 

We at Kidobotikz have been nominated for several startup battlefields and startup-expos over the years. However, we usually don’t pay attention to them because our focus is on our products and the kids. However, when this nonchalance actually fetches us a title, how could we say turn it down?  

Yes, it did. Kidobotikz’s CEO was adjudged “Youth Startup Founder of the Year” award at World Startup expo, Bangalore. 

The Startup Expo-cum-Conference, held between 21st and 23rd November, 2016 was a major meeting point of several disruptive startups from across the globe. Featuring in excess of 350 startups from domains ranging from education to telecommunication, the event was a melting pot for ideas and ideologies. Kidobotikz was nominated by the organizers to be a part of this event. 

At the event, we had fielded our TeleBot to showcase the talent Kidobotikz had bred back at home. The TeleBot turned quite a few heads at the event attracting several visitors to the stall. Most of them were curious to know how we had managed to build it and wanted to find out more about its features. More importantly, several  college students had turned up at the event and were eager to know about the Kidobotikz kits.

Among the high profile visitors were several Global Investors who displayed equal interest in the Kidobotikz kits. The award ceremony was held on the evening of the 3rd day of the expo. Ms.Sneha Priya, CEO and Co-Founder , Kidobotikz was adjudged the "Youth Startup Founder of the Year" for her pioneering efforts in the field of tech education through Kidobotikz and also for turning Kidobotikz into a successful business model.

On behalf of Ms.Sneha, the award was received by Mr.Rahul Mathur, Kidobotikz.

Kidobotikz is a leading EdTech startup offering Robotics Courses for students. Moving from a Robotics training Institute which conducted Robotics classes to a “Learn Robotics Online”, Kidobotikz today has 4 levels of Kits which offer Robotics for Kids. If the question on your mind is “How to learn robotics”, then the answer is Kidobotikz.